What's new at DAZ3D for January 20, 2021

What’s new at DAZ3D for January 20, 2021

[sarcasm] Thank you DAZ for releasing Genesis 8.1 Female instead of calling her Genesis 9 which means she’s almost compatible with our existing poses and expressions, but not quite 100%. [/sarcam]

If expressions are supposed to be the newest thing in this new G8¹F figure, I’m sorry but I’m not seeing it. Those expressions don’t look any better than the current expressions for G8F already. This whole new G8¹F figure release seems like a cash grab.

Total. Cash. Grab.

Given the weeks of unending femaleness, it would’ve been nice to see G8M/Michael 8 released. But I guess at DAZ Store the gynocracy reigns supreme. I do kinda sorta like the library. I am checking out v8. But my needs for Genesis 8 female content are very limited, and I do not need vellus hair, or male gens on vicky. (I acknowledge there are those who may want those things). I also find her new eyes… Unnerving.

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