What's new at Renderosity for January 13, 2021

What’s new at Renderosity for January 13, 2021

That’s it for today.

The Maxi dress is a classic looking dress. But really only useful for formal type renders.

Tempt Me poses… well, we’ve seen them before. Just like I said with Strike a Pose odds are you already have these poses. There’s not a whole lot of original poses coming out unless your Zeddicus or Devon.

War Pony… useful if you have the HiveWire Horse.

VERSUS Cutie Shorts… well, only practical if you have the original product those textures are for.

Mini Bar room… It’s unique in that not many homes have mini bars now in the 21st Century. Or unless you’re a bachelor I suppose.

Darya… I’m sorry but do we really need yet another G8F character? Isn’t the market oversaturated enough as it is? And yet PA’s still pump them out. I guess because it’s easy money.

Little Black Dress… looks cute. Maybe I’m getting old but it looks more to me like a hooker dress. Doesn’t look good on larger sized females.

Asymmetrical Long Tank… at least this is somewhat original and has lots of different material zones, morphs, transforms, and various rips and tears. Kind of cyberpunkish in a way. I plan on buying this at some point. It’s unique enough and different than most G8F clothing I have in my library.

Strike A Pose… I’m sorry but when I was scrolling through the product images the first thing that came to my mind is, “I’ve seen these before.” “I already have these poses.” “This looks like a copy/ rip of other poses in my Library.” I commend the vendor for putting this together, and I’m a sucker for anything G8M related so I’ll probably buy it anyway just to support the G8M market.

I’m actually a fan of Arryn’s dForce dresses. They dForce/drape really well and easily and he usually includes different “style” shapes for them - plus you get shoes AND jewellery. And let’s face it - how many add all that with an outfit? The vast majority of outfits never include shoes, and it’s rare to see ANY jewellery with them. (although I’m not sure what you mean by the promo pages looking weird, especially for the larger figures, as I didn’t see any larger figures in the promos for the Sylvia dress). Arryn’s dresses are always lovely designs, simple and they work fantastically, so that’s one for me to pick up - I like alexaana’s texture work too so that’s an added bonus.

That’s it for me tho - the other dresses have been done a million times before, and while I’m a pose junkie, the poses look boring and like you said, I’d have them all already anyway. :slight_smile:

I got confused when I was writing that. I was referring to the leather mini skirt. I’m too lazy to fix it. :slight_smile:

ah the little black dress one LOL. Yeah I get you. I think the background is distracting. Fine on the main promo, but the other ones should have a plain background, to show the textures and the cut of the dress better.

Glad it wasn’t just me going crazy tho ha ha

Huh. That “Fancy Sylvia Outfit” is actually textures for the Sylvia outfit at daz. The title makes me think it’s the outfit. That’s not good.

I didn’t catch that. Sorry! Correcting now.