What's new from DAZ3D for January 9, 2021

What’s new at DAZ for January 9, 2021

DAZ seems very confused today. Steampunk and Cyberpunk mixed-in.

Then DAZ throws in some Steampunk!

  • O-Bot Steampunk Robot
  • Steampunk Girl Outfit for G8F
    • As usual men don’t seem to exist in any DAZ Universe or are at the very least an after-thought. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
    • If you’re going to release a themed outfit, would it kill you to release an outfit for the guys too? Not everyone wants to render lesbians.

And a monolith. Which after all is a 3D primitive cube.

Some hair for G8F:

And a new character for G8F:

The offerings this morning were “meh”. I’m sorry, DAZ.

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It’s been rather dry on the male releases over the holidays.

I don’t think DAZ Store really understands what CyberPunk is. Its meant to be dystopian sci-fi.

I like the weapons, but agreed, they could simply be futuristic.

DAZ store is going to have to work harder to tap that Christmas Gift card.

I need men’s clothing, that looks as good as some of the female sets.


Today’s releases were useful, given a futuristic setting. Nothing I needed to get, but I would’ve grabbed the hair and maybe even Memphis had the ‘deal’ of the day had any lure to it. I’m a sucker for good simple hair.

that monolith…yeah. I was, uh, nonplussed, I guess you could say.