What's new from Renderosity for January 9, 2021

What’s new from Renderosity for January 9, 2021

Since I’ve been suspended from Facebook for the next 4 weeks I’ve decided to do something productive with my time. :wink:

That’s it. I’ll try to post another one tomorrow listing everything that’s new!

BTW, only DAZ Studio items are listed here since that’s what I work with. Someone is more than happy to pick up the slack and do these types of posts for Poser! Actually that would be fanatastic if someone wanted to.

I guess the cyberpunk future really is a dystopia, since all the men appear to have died. Thanks, for the review… I admit Breasticles had me snorting into my beverage. LOL

Sorry to hear about FB. They have been quite active banning and warning people lately.

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oooooooo what did you do to get suspended from FB? :smiley: I hate the place, I’ve deactivated before and was really happy about it, but i’m on in now just for the promo stuff, otherwise I’d deactivate again.

Thanks for the “what’s new” - i saw that prohibition bundle and wondered why on earth it was a bundle only and not separate items. Very niche too like you said, so it would be curious to see if it sells well or not.

I got suspended for 24 hours after calling for justice to be served to the domestic terrorists that attempted an armed insurrection in Washington, DC this past Wednesday. Then, 1 hour before the 24 hour ban was set to expire Facebook extended it to 30 days.

I say this with all my heart: Fuck Facebook.

So, I’ve decided to share my now time between Liker (a really cool FB alternative) and Twitter. :wink: And here. :slight_smile:

Rendo, as a marketplace rarely appeals to me. I don’t trust their standards in terms of a clean install. Daz isn’t winning awards this year for Quality Control either this year, but 4/5 daz products fit the established folder structure. it should be 100% for any marketplace. Rendo does show more creativity than Daz, but Rendo is 99% female model pandering. Daz is 80% female. (I didn’t do the math, just based on personal experience)

I appreciate your brutal candor on facebook. Some of us still work for other people and have to keep our dialogue tempered. I haven’t figured out Liker yet and my twitter account (@pantros) has seen maybe two posts this year. Maybe less.

First thing I do is block my clients and any key personnel I work with. :slight_smile: But being my own boss definitely helps.

I’ve lost 2 clients over the past 10 years for views I’ve posted publicly, and in both cases I didn’t lose any sleep.

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I have been warned by a bot, and threatened with suspension for a comment I made in December. about a group of people feeling they did not need to wear masks. The comment calling them entitled led to me being warned. The warning lasts a year.

The bots coding seems to involve any comment that refers to a group.

I have also read of someone who was warned for hate speech for responding to a friend’s post “Women are aliens” as a joke, even though it pertained to an article about a woman being able to see more colors. The article was posted by their friend.

The bots will flag comments referring to groups in any way that is critical even if the comment is contextual or funny.

FB is trying to cut down on bullying and hate speech which is admirable, however the bots aren’t capable of reading context so comments that are accurate and even not meant to be harmful are flagged and can result in account suspension.

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Indeed. Which makes Facebook even less relevant to me as the days go on. :wink:

Yet Facebook refuses to action when presented real evidence of targeted harassment or actual stalking/ bullying.

I’ve said this before: Fuck Facebook. :smiling_imp:

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I have been extremely fortunate, the Facebook algorithm just frequently falsely flags music I use as copyright breaches attributing it to the wrong artist (correct tune always a public domain classical composer dead centuries) with no dispute recourse. Worse it flags ones from it’s own sound library resource. Not been victim of other punishments yet like suspensions, am surprised as say what I think on topics and share political stuff too. You are not alone Michael, all the Trump family had their social media accounts suspended :joy_cat:. I notice 3D artists seem to fall victims to bots a lot, I think renders get mistaken for photographs.

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Good for you, mate. And yeah fuck facebook for suspending you for that. I’ve not been suspended yet - my husband has, twice, ha ha - mainly because I don’t post non-art stuff a lot, and I’m not there much. LOL. I use it to keep up with art and art friends really - also to check out what two brothers and a sister of mine are up to cos i don’t see them much…my other brother deactivated his facebook ages ago and won’t go on it ha. (he and i chat on messenger mainly).

I think I just hate social media full stop. LOL. I think social media has caused a fuck-ton of problems in the world today.

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