What's new from Renderotica for January 9, 2021

What’s new at Renderotica for January 9, 2021

There hasn’t really been that much new stuff posted to Renderotica in the past week or so so this is highlight.

All links in this post should be considered NSFW.

  • dForce Gown for G8F – You mean you can buy things other than dicks and pussies at Renderotica? Yep. :slight_smile: It’s a Victorian looking gown with an open back and pouffed-up arms and shoulders.
  • Frogzilla Bundle – Pose sets. Remember that frog DAZ released a few months ago? Yeah. This is for that. Bundle includes:
    • Frogzilla: The Capture – Poses. Frogzilla wreaks havoc and captures G8F.
    • Frogzilla: The Climb – Poses. Frogzilla returns. This time in downtown where many perilous fates lay in wait for Genesis 8 Female.
    • Frogzilla: Munchies – Poses. Frogzilla is finally alone with his prize. It’s his snack time. NOM NOM NOM…
  • Sexy Style 09 – Nordic style female Police uniform/ mini-dress for G8F.
  • Transparent Deluxe Shaders DS – Shaders for DAZ Studio that can be applied to clothes and fabrics to provide new unique looks. From SynfulMindz.
  • Atalya For Genesis 8 Females – New character. Blue alien. A cross between an Andorian (without the antennae) and a Na’Vi (without the nose or tail). Basically a blue-shaded humanoid figure.
  • Morphing Butt Plug – I love anal-play as much as the next guy, but some of those morphs are scaring me!
  • Pencil Dress for G8F – I’m guessing the reason this dress isn’t at Renderosity is because it shows a lot of cleavage. :smiling_imp:
    • The product page description is “Office Look for G8F”. What office? Hugh Heffner’s? :rofl:
  • Daphne for G8F – New big-breasted figure for G8F.
  • Christmas Style 09 – Red & white Christmasy bodice for G8F.
  • Uniporn Butt Plug – In case you wanted to give G3F or G8F a pigs’ tail sticking out her anus. Or I guess it could be a really large sperm cell?
  • Shinzui Hanabi for G8F – Big-busted Japanese character for G8F.
  • Udderly Splendid – Morph and pose set for Meipe’s set of tits and udders for G8F that turns your G8F into a “hu-cow”. Yeah, I don’t get it either.
  • Meia for G8F – New G8F character.
  • VendoBox CandyBox for DAZ Studio – A Cyberpunk vending machine for your disposable girlfriend (or boyfriend?).
  • VendoBox BimboBox for DAZ Studio – A Cyberpunk vending machine that can showcase (2) figures.
  • Cum Flood Dicktator – Several new posable semen and ejaculate props for Meipe’s Dicktator.