Where did these come from? 4/29/2021

I refresh the DAZ store page and there’s a bunch of new products that didn’t show up in the promos or on my page earlier this morning. Ugh! Looks like they’re mostly PC+ too.

  • Lunar Truck
  • Westbound Glamour Alternate Materials
  • Donovan HD (that’s not a Ken Doll)
  • Wetlands Low Res Plants
  • The Colosseum (has the NEW flag but a SKU in the 60,000s so it’s quite old.)

I don’t have time this morning to write anything up for these but I’ll add them to my catch-up “to do” list. Which reminds me, yeah… I really need to finish those catch-up items from last week!

I’ve noticed sometimes things don’t always show in the new release section for me. True, I could probably clear my browser cache more, but one of the reasons I read the blog is sometimes you review items I just don’t see. I often find weeks to months later new stuff that I’ve not see… Because for whatever reason they do not display for me. So I do it think it is just you. Sometimes items are simply not there.

I open a new tab for DAZ in an Incognito Window or “Private Browsing” mode. That way you don’t need to clear anything. :wink:

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I Wonder if there is just a site issue with daz then. Maybe it doesn’t fully refresh or display the content properly. It wouldn’t be the first daz glitch.

colosseum been around a few years, I bought it at a much dearer price but too heavy for me to do much with. Has been PC+ for the day since and now permanently PC+

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