Who asked for the MetaMixer?

Sure wasn’t me. And I didn’t ask for it to clog up a bundle. Don’t get me, wrong its great to see a guy bundle that doesn’t have a woman in it… but…who asked for that thing? Does anyone care?

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it does something worth while and I’ll want to spend $10 per named character to add them to it…Maybe…

I have it installed but I still haven’t figured out how to launch it let alone how to use it.

It is an attempt to make Daz studio users believe that they suddenly have the equivalent of the epic Metahumans.

Except it’s not even close and Iray can’t compete with the real-time veiwport display of Unreal engine.

And I ask, again, what’s a metahuman and why should I care?

Also… I personally haven’t seen anything out of Unreal that has me desiring to switch my render engine.

Daz has spent the last decade trying to get the multi-billion dollar game content market to adopt Genesis.

The metahumans give Unreal users a native character creation system without having to bother with the Daz ecosystem &dodgy export plugins etc.

Don’t give a damn for the multi-billion dollar game content market. Of course DAZ would go after other markets, they need to keep expanding their base in order to survive. Shame they have taken so many mis-steps through the years and that they continue to do so.

As a hobbyist who is interested in creating art not games, the babble about Unreal Engine means nothing to me and you come across as someone who has an axe to grind.

You may not give a damn about a multi billion dollar market for 3D content.

But you don’t produce 3D content for sale.

Daz does and is smart for at least trying. Unlike renderosity /Poser who seems to enjoy languishing in obscurity in the 3D character market.

You don’t actually know that I don’t produce 3D Content for sale.

Regardless, I can’t tell what your position is or why you are commenting on my threads.

All threads in this forum are subject to member commentary.

You clearly are not producing original 3D characters like Daz, Epic or Reallusion.

But that’s OK… it’s a tough Market with serious competitors.

Daz knows this and likely has determined that there is a limit to how much a company can grow selling content to hobbyists still portrait makers who typically wait for the discount to hit 50 percent before buying.

Hence the NFT/CRYPTO coin direction of the business model.

All threads are open, sure. Yet somehow you felt it necessary to comment on both of mine, without really contributing to the topic of either. And you really seem to be looking for a fight. Maybe you just come across as a troll…

You started a thread about a Daz product you don’t seem to care about.

So not sure why you care about others opinions of the same product.

But Ok.:smirk:

Ok this thread is devolving. I’m going to lock it guys. (As soon as I figure out how to! LOL!)

Let’s keep it civil, please. :slight_smile: