Who is your Favorite Models/Assets Currently? - Summer 2021

Hey everyone. It’s been pretty quiet here for a bit, so I thought I would just ask everyone who their current favorite models and or assets are?

Currently my favorite models are of course Juan Carlos still…probably will be for a while with him, after making that first set with him he just stole my heart. I’ve also been working with Dain 8 a lot and my God I am in love lol. Those are probably my 2 faves right now. Also I’ve been working more with learning more post-work stuff to be honest. I enjoy rendering stuff and then just doing a lot of different effects afterwards so I’ve been picking up some different fonts and brushes and a lot of other things and playing around with some different ways to present what I envision in my head.

I’ve also been gearing up to start in on working on a Visual Novel game hopefully soon, that’s originally why I got into learning this to begin with and I kind of lost track of that so I’m going to see where that will take me as well.

Ooh. There’s just too many. :slight_smile: I’m partial to anything created by SithlordSims or Marcius. Both of them make some incredibly fantastic characters.

The protagonist in the sci-fi story I’m working on is Karl 8 G8M from SithlordSims.

Jasper for Genesis 8 Male from TwiztedMetal is quite nice, too.

Falcon, again from SithlordSims.

And Alex and Archie. Again, from SithlordSims.

I’m starting to see a pattern here.


Yeah I’m a big fan of SithlordSims as well those are all really great characters. I don’t think I have Jasper from TM though I will have to check him out.

Speaking of,

I see Marcius has left DAZ for Renderhub

Yeah. Antonio pinged me on DM and told me that DAZ got royally pissed off at him when he released one product on RenderHub and basically threatened to sever their business relationship so Marcius pulled everything.

I’m really torn.

I really hate RenderHub with a passion.

Too much crap.

Too much blatant rip-offs and IP theft.

But I hear that Marcius’ RenderHub store may only be temporary.

Had no idea he was in Brazil though. I always pegged him for Western Europe. :slight_smile:

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Renderhub is a weird place. I agree there is crap but I’ve got a few good items there. Watch the usage rights of some of the things there. A figure I was looking at who wasn’t an ip violation had a usage rights of personal use only. Yeah no.


As far as my favorite pas go, I am somewhat bad, in that I really just like regular hotties, I’m not into unique or interesting. I don’t want characters like Ollie. I want muscles swimsuit dudes and that’s about it. So gianni, michael etc. all good. I do also like monsters, but I don’t want anyone’s ip. Unique please.

That said, I like Soto a great deal. Muscleman, Faber and Kaos3D and of course my friend Phoenix

For clothing like Dzheng but just the regular stuff. Don’t like the femme fetish stuff. Also really like blue rabbit, mal3imagry, and luthbel and luthbellina and oot.

I loathe dforce as substitute for fit on men’s clothing so my clothing likes are becoming limited, haha.

I also have an insane need for men’s swimwear and underwear so pas who make it make me happy.

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Favorite models/assets? Whatever I’ve made lately. That may sound like self promotion or whatever but seriously, if I don’t like it, why would I bother making it? I’m trying to make more male stuff atm mainly because I’m sick of staring at chicks all day. Also, contrary to often stated belief, male stuff does sell. My last male character sold way better than my last female character.

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It’s pure economics at this point.

The female market is hyper-saturated.

For the first time ever I didn’t spend any money at DAZ.

I did spend some money at Rendo this week. That Prince Nicholas character was interesting. Picked up Chad, too. You can never have enough average/ normal looking guys. And picked up Stan.

Also picked up some clothes.

But we desperately need more male clothes! :frowning:

I am somewhat disappointed that Prince Nicholas has such an obvious seam near his Anatomical Elements and it is visible in the promos.

That neck though. Holy crap. That neck is WAY too wide. Even for that body. Still it’s a nice sculpt though.

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He has… Problems. He doesn’t appear to have undergone testing.

The figure has not been saved with rigging adjusted to shape. He doesn’t load with eyelashes, and yes there is the neck.

His face is quite sexy though.

With the neck reduced 97 percent (yes really), head reduced slightly, and morph adjusted to rigging, added lashes, and narrowed waist a bit, I really like him.

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Hell yes it is. I think I need another ice bath.

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I really like Marcius’ aesthetic for both his female and male models. But also Lyoness too.


I’ve really been enjoying Linday products recently. The hair sims well and the clothes have wet options. I also appreciate the high rez textures on the clothes, but with the hair, I will usually just switch to backlight hair shaders.

Backlight Hair shaders are awesome! Anytime I get the opacity problem with Daz 4.15, I can switch to those and it fixes it. That also seems to work for fireflies.

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