Wishing you much success!

Hi Emma & Jordi! Huge fan of your characters! So happy to see you’re still going to be around. I wish you much success!

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are you willing to share the reasons for leaving DAZ? I did buy a few of your products but am unlikely to shop at Gumroad I am afraid, Renderosity I would occasionally if you consider going there, I cannot speak for anyone else though.

Thank you guys! :slight_smile: Sorry for the delay. We were very busy lately.

Gumroad is a huge platform that is used by thousands of sellers and millions of buyers. It has secure payment through Paypal and credit card. It must be understood that Gumroad is a platform for making stores. It’s like a website host. In our case, our store is at https://emmaandjordi.gumroad.com/ The way other stores at gumroad work or anything else, is not relevant. Those are actually the sites of other people.

Please note that we are not selling “on gumroad”. We did a store with categories, search, and everything, in which you can find our 406 products. Maybe the search in Gumroad may be improved, but the search inside our store is good. The products are all there and are the same ones, they have not disappeared. Once you buy them, they are in your gumroad library. If you have a problem, there is our email or this forum to ask.

So you can find all the products there, with search, categories, support, your library in your account, and we can offer good prices, and in addition now there is a coupon of 50% off active: “emmaandjordi” at checkout.

In some days, we will post a video on how to use our store, search, enter a coupon, and everything :wink:

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Here is the video:

I have no hesitation buying from the new store, it’s one thing if you were a completely new creator but the quality of your products has already been proven, so from my perspective what difference does it make where you are selling it? I don’t want to bash Daz, but the customer support and product consistency is not what it used to be, to put it mildly (let’s not even talk about the severe over-complication of sales). And I certainly like the prices in your new store, it’s obvious you’ve passed along most or all of the savings from not paying broker’s fees to the customer, which is awesome.

I just hope you’re able to get the word out effectively. The only reason I heard about the new store was because a user was nice enough to mention it in the Daz forums when another user asked where all of your products went. I wouldn’t be surprised if that post gets removed for mentioning another store.

I see you mentioned a coupon code in the previous post, you definitely want to get the word out on that. I signed up to “follow” the store, but I didn’t get any kind of notification about the coupon, I’d have already bought a few things (considering the prices are already much lower than they used to be, a 50% coupon on top of that is equivalent to a very steep discount compared with what we would have paid before). I had a significant number of your products in my wishlists at Daz and Rendo, so if the coupon still works I’ll definitely be buying a few things. When does the coupon expire?

I know social media is king when it comes to marketing these days, but some of us old-school types don’t like to use it. I haven’t opened Facebook in two years, let alone Twitter. So I think it’s still important to get yourself positioned for better search results in google. I had forgotten the URL of the new store and couldn’t find your gumroad site in google even knowing the name of your store and what I was looking for, so even people looking for your products specifically might not end up in the right place. I know ten years ago those strategies were called SEO but I don’t know if that’s still a relevant term.

Anyway, good luck to you, your products have always been good quality and I hope your new store is successful!


Thank you very much for your message, which helps us very much.

The coupon is still valid (“emmaandjordi”) because it is a welcome coupon and is a bit more lasting than usual. But before finishing, we will send a newsletter some days before.

And yes, we know that all that happens. Most of customers don’t even go to forums or use social media. We know that many people saved our page in their favorites and directly visited the store. We have to improve the Google rank much better because of that, so the Gumroad store is found easier. There is a problem too, that Google, until it cleans all the cache of DAZ pages, can consider it duplicate content, and not index it. So this can take some time to be fixed. So for now, the only way of reaching people that are not on forums and social media, is mouth-to-ear.

We thank you very much for your support and for being there! :slight_smile:


“So for now, the only way of reaching people that are not on forums and social media, is mouth-to-ear.” that is so true, esp when life has had me so distracted I haven’t had time to read every single thread on multiple forums, lol. last month, I went to click “add to cart” for the Liberty hair, and got an error I didn’t understand, I figured it was store updates or something. a few weeks later, after a few hours of digging today, now I know why the Liberty hair was as difficult to get into a shopping cart as graphics cards of late, lol. No bad feelings, just waiting for things to get sorted out. I need to try that gum-whatever site in another browser, as this one is giving me the circle of not responding below your contact info on that page, if things are indeed sorted out and not on holiday whatever limbo. 20211011_GumSomething_CircleOfNotResponding_01001 yeah, was the browser. Gum-whatever doesn’t like waterfox, yet firefox is ok. (firefox didn’t use to always be 64bit, and it’s a PITA to transfer passwords)

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Hey Zarcon! :slight_smile: Good to see you here!

Yes, for Gumroad you can use the major browsers fine: Edge, Firefox or Chrome. On smartphone now it works great too. But it seems they use some of the latest stuff so you need an updated version.

The Google results are improving. Now at least for us, “emmaandjordi” shows the store of Gumroad as 1st result on Bing. On Google, it’s the fourth one. PoserContent did a great work adding all our links updated (a lot of work!) when we contacted them, and they have been very nice.

We can still do more things to improve the ranking, like redirecting many links we have at DeviantArt and blogs.

We will also add some text to all the products when we can (they are so many, it’s difficult). We noticed that Gumroad Discover looks for words like “Daz Studio” or “poser” in the descriptions, and they are not always mentioned, and that is why Poser and Daz Studio products don’t show there.

In the internal search, it works quite well. So there will be no problems searching for particular content inside our store, as shown in the video.

Just one more thought/suggestion: I know it’s possible to use your own personal domain with gumroad, before you get too far established using your gumroad.com URL, you might want to consider using a domain name of your own (don’t know if it’s available but something like emmaandjordi.com). Because if you ever want to switch store services from gumroad to something else in the future, you’ll have to go through re-establishing a new URL in search results all over again. But if you have your own domain name, if you ever change the underlying store in the future it won’t matter.

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You are right, although as usually it is the products which are linked everywhere, the links may break anyway. It may be easier to search, though. As Gumroad works as a domain and shop provider, we doubt we will switch anywhere again. They don’t work as a broker, more as a service provider, and the service is good. Also, the subscribers can be contacted for a future change if it happens.

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agreed, it’s tedious, time-consuming, and a website is a lot more than just the domain name, esp when you start having gobs of whatever-bytes of content on the site. A domain name is not much, the web services just got too much for me, and I ended up spending all my time keeping all the links in order on the site, rather than having fun experimenting with ideas. it was fun having a site, yet forums are a lot easier for sharing ideas and concepts. Maybe someday I’ll reactivate my site and that Digital Units & Measures, at over 300 bucks, it’s just not going to be today with all the madness going on, lol. I want to play with the hair I purchased yesterday, I have an M.2 drive heatsink I need to dissect and critique, an intel name (ARC) to poke fun at, not to say a “Flyboard Air” that’s been in 3D editor limbo for almost a year.

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Cool render! :slight_smile: The flyboard air is amazing, had no idea that something like that existed.

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