Would you like another sir?

The first render I’ve ever shared! Hope you like it. Using the Skin Blender 8 tool I posted about in the product reviews :wink:

I feel like the background lighting is all wrong :frowning: Need to work on my lighting skills!

Nice render! But just an FYI this really doesn’t need to be in #showcase:risque-business. (There’s no nudity.)

If you want, I’m more than happy to move it up to the main #showcase category.

Ok thanks, didn’t know how safe it was due to the skantly clad nature of bunny girl so though I’d play it safe. Happy for you to move it though :slight_smile:

Sure, no problem! Only if you’re showing nudity does the art need to be in #showcase:risque-business, or if it’s sexually explicit then it needs to be in #the-dungeon.

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