WTF - million dollar cart

and more crappy freebies

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they put those insanely high prices on something if they don’t want it bought - but for some reason it’s in the store. Remember that female character for Genesis 3 (I think, or gen 2)? She was given as a gift to some customers (can’t remember why) and she had an insanely high price in the store to stop people buying her. Guess they need them in the store to be able to do stuff with them.

The new freebies are stupid. I always think of freebies as something to get a customer to start purchasing from you - if you’re a newbie to daz, the freebies would be a good way to hook you…but only have textures? Not gonna work.

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Freebies at 'Rosity have been pretty lame lately. There are ALLOT of PNG rocks and plants. Could be useful for some but that’s about it besides a few poses for Genesis 8, which I don’t use. In fact 90% of the 'Rosity store is all Genesis 8 these days. Sad for Poser users! Which I’m now one. I guess it saves on the pocket book! LOL