ZoeG With Apple

A rare foray into a fan-art homage - hence no signature box since I can’t put a copyright on this. One of the best science fiction shows ever, in my opinion, but never finished it’s inaugural season. I tried this with a face transfer of the actual actress but I have never had any luck getting that to come out well. So I went with vyktohria’s Baylee. This is run through a watercolor photoshop filter I had to actually pay for. Fifteen dollars well spent. I always like the end result of this filter.


Beautiful image. Thanks for sharing! I’m assuming that’s Kaylee?

This is ZoeGraystone from Caprica.

While Firefly was also great. Caprica was what science fiction should be - subtle social commentary under the guise of a futuristic society. I couldn’t get Gen 8 to hit the right proportions (too much neck), but I was trying to mimic this image:

I do have a Kaylee picture, but its subtle enough that I can get away with not pointing out the fanart aspect, though if you look close, you can see Serenity in the reflection

I wasn’t even thinking Caprica! Yes that was such a great series and you’re right - snuffed out much too soon and was a wonderful prequel to the whole BSG universe. Man I wished it continued.

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Great image my friend, I could get into Caprica for some reason.