Category Topics

Product Support

If you are a PA or vendor and would like to provide your customers with product support that isn’t tied to any one market (maybe you distribute your products to multiple marketplaces or you’d rather not have your customer support tied to a specific marketplace) then please message the mods and we’ll create you a forum specific for you or your product.

The Marketplace

If you are a 3D vendor or “published artist” that produces scenes, characters, textures, morphs, scripts, add-ons, animations, pose packs, and more for DAZ Studio, Blender, Poser, Unreal Engine, Unity, and others, you are invited to use this category to post any of your new product announcements!

Ten Forward

This is Ten Forward and is your place for general 3D art, software, site, and other miscellaneous discussions that don’t quite fit in any of the other categories.

Marketplace Discussions

These forums provide a venue for users’ to freely discuss topics relating to specific 3D marketplaces without fear of being censored.

Product Reviews

Let’s talk reviews for a second, shall we?


This is the Showcase, and is your place to showcase and highlight your finished works.

Free Stuff

Welcome to the Free Stuff category! Feel free to submit posts in this category if you come across an awesome free figure, prop, or asset for your favorite 3D software!

Help Wanted (Paying)

Do you have a paying gig? Post it here for the community. Paying gigs only! Non-paying gigs must be posted in the (Not-Paying) sub-category.

Contests and Events

This category is for any site contests and events. Any member with a Level 3 or above may announce new contests and events and specify the details in their posts.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Non-Fungible Tokens

Feel free to discuss anything NFT (non-fungible token) related that’s is also related to 3D artwork creation, publication, or selling.