A bit tone deaf maybe?

from DAZ_Jessica re their site suggestions This struck me as so very DAZ, trying to pigeonhole people when they should just be people. One’s gender, skin colour etc should not matter but maybe better filters for occupations, historical fashions etc people of any race or gender can be in.

Better filtering for textures VS base products would be more useful. I did reply but it needs mod approval so my reply may not appear, I tried to be civil.

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I would prefer the ability to tag content.

For example, I was looking for western wear. When I searched for Cowboy, and Western, the right items did not come up. But had a searched for Outlaw, I might’ve found a cowboy outfit.

This way, you could have many categories. DAZ could even define the categories so they weren’t rude or whatever.

A lot of items simply can’t be located because they aren’t categorized and don’t pull up in search.

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