A couple of Chrissy

One of my fav vamps. Yeah I’m a breast guy. Included the originals and the postwork.

First the finished products:

I used Mesh Grabber to adjust the cushions to add a bit of realism. the bulging skin around the clothes is a bonus that came with the clothing. This is probably why she’s “dressed” in this one. I wanted to see that feature in action.

Then the originals

I try to be consistent within a given series of work so the postwork here includes a scripted Fotosketcher process that adds some painting/line drawing effects that are barely used in the final. In photoshop nic tools, I use a bleach bypass, also subdued. I find this gives a more gothic/vampire tone to the piece–makes skin paler. I use vignetting because I find the hard lines at the edge of a work unappealing. Its there to add a little depth and soften the edges of the piece.

Chrissy is a character from a book: Wil Ogden’s Lite Nite Bites. She’s a vampire by night and a brain trauma surgeon - also by night because she’s a vampire. Vampires have a lot of free time, why not use it to study medicine? The freely available blood in a medical setting is just a bonus.