A lone voice in the wilderness

my time in the official onsite DAZ 3D community has come to an end and sadly I cannot say goodbye as the forum moderators will not even allow that as it would be discussing moderator actions.

It’s a conundrum.

Not many Carrara users here yet hence the title, I am also going to post at Renderosity but that is pretty much a ghost town too for Carrara.

I will miss my Carrara friends terribly, it’s the only thing I am sad about because DAZ has abandoned us for 8 years anyway :disappointed_relieved:.

This is like ending a one sided relationship where I was the only one invested.

Anyway I hope others will join me here as I enjoy doing 3D art still just can no longer effectively be a part of that community.

Was not totally banned but might as well be as they don’t approve my posts.

:cry: Sorry to hear that Wendy! You will always have a voice and a place here. :blue_heart:

:love_letter: at least Zuck hasn’t banned me yet from Fuckbook but I am hoping this has the same outcome as that did for you and I do become more productive.

FB Jail ends though I don’t think DAZmod jail ever will.

They probably regularly watch this