Advice on where to sell

So had a bad time with Renderosity and am once again jumping back into the DAZ Studio side working with Genesis 9 and have a pose pack ready but dealing with various stores out there it seems their Admin are all in bad moods or asking things of me that is a bit over the top so reaching out here to see what folks have to suggest.

I won’t sell any more at 'Rosity, done with that but not closing my store (yet) and DAZ3D is a bit out of my range of what I’m willing to deal with in the way of strictness.

It seems many of the stores out there only give you so much leash and then if you don’t do what they want, how they want and more your a not worthy. I understand certain rules but when it’s all said and done I think folks have a vision and if that vision is usurped by the powers that be it’s no longer fun and becomes uncomfortable.

I guess there are allot of published artists out there that have really thick skins and know their way around these rules and regulations. Again, some are very much OK with me, others are like WTF?? LOL

Thanks so much Richard

I cannot tell you where to sell, but one thing struck me. You say that literally, ALL admins are in a bad mood or asking things of you that are over the top. That sounds very unlikely to me. So either you are breaking the rules and expect to get away with it or the admins know you can do better than whatever it was you submitted.