Announcing The Dungeon

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of The Dungeon. An Unofficial3DForums category where even topics and images that are too risque for Risque Business are allowed!

What is it?

The Dungeon is a secluded part of this website where artists can freely discuss topics related to their art that would otherwise not be appropriate elsewhere without fear of being modded or suspended for violating a sites’ “Community Standards”.

Basically, artistic nudity is welcome and allowed throughout the site. Porn is not. The Dungeon is for your porn you fantastic perverts!

How do I get access?

Access is by request only, and you need to show me proof you’re over eighteen. This can either be in the form of a Drivers’ License of Passport. If you don’t have a Drivers’ License than you better have a Passport. If you have neither, tough titties. I don’t want to hear the excuse. Come back when you get a Passport or Drivers’ License.

Feel free to blur/ black out your face, address, License/ Passport Number, barcodes, and other personally identifiable information. I need to see your username, and your birthdate. That is it. Nothing more. Feel free to write your username on a piece of paper or a sticky-note and stick it on your license. The goal here is to prevent someone from stealing a photo of someone else’s license on the Internet (or elsewhere) and uploading that photo as their own.

To be clear: You do not need to supply your birthdate to create an account on these forums. But I need to verify you are over eighteen to gain access to The Dungeon. Until I can find a workable “Age Verification” plugin for Discourse I have no other way of verifying you are over eighteen, and you must be over eighteen to gain access to The Dungeon.

You can send me a private message here: (Go to your profile and select Messages, click on New Message, and address it to me as: @mjc:


Your message and attachments will be deleted the moment I’ve verified your birthdate and your access has been granted.

Once approved, you will be given a Verified Badge and placed in the dungeon_members group which will grant you access to The Dungeon.

Is there anything I need to know about?

The Dungeon has it’s rules, and they’re pretty much the same for the rest of the site with the exception of allowing hardcore porn and nudity. But at the end of the day there are 2 rules that will affect its members the most:

  1. No underage porn. (This includes no loli and no shota!)
  2. Tag posts appropriately.

Rule 1 - No underage porn.

People will argue that loli and shota aren’t real so they’re not illegal and they’ll cite Appellate Court and Supreme Court cases to back up their argument.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter. This is my decision. Underage porn creeps me the fuck out. I don’t care if it’s line art, or hentai; 2D or 3D. It freaks me the fuck out, and since I pay the bills, I make the rules.

And I’m sorry, but the case law is not settled on this. Loli and shota are technically illegal in many States and jurisdictions and since the Internet is a global resource, and since none of y’all are going to pay my legal bills, I’m not fucking with it.

You want an avenue to post your underage porn? Host your own server.

Rule 2 - Tag all posts

This one is more for practicality reasons than anything else and applies to all sub-categories under The Dungeon as well.

It’s simple: Some people don’t want to look at your shit.

They shouldn’t have to, and I agree.


That’s it. If this is something that interests you check it out, and as always if you have any suggestions for improvements to the site, or you think something could be (or should be) done better, let me know.

Unofficial 3D Forums is a space for artists, by artists hopefully without the bullshit.


So glad to hear that you put your foot down on underage 3D stuff. It makes my blood boil when I see it all over DA and nobody gives a shit. I’ve made posts about and people tell me I’m wasting my time fighting it. Well, I found out if you flag it right DA takes it down immediately and bans the fuckers. So, apathy is as good as agreement in my book. On the age verification. Most websites are okay with a tick box. “I agree that I am over 18”. As you say it’s your site so your rules but on my business site with regards to TAC I only have to put a few lines in the TAC to say that by making a purchase and accepting delivery you’ve agreed to the TAC. That’s good enough for paypal. Is it not something like that? But again, your site so you demand what you like. Personally I wouldn’t want to send a scan of my passport or drivers licence to anyone other than my mother. No offence.

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I genuinely honestly don’t want to know your’s or anyone else’s real names or someone’s birthdate.

But there’s no money changing hands here because an argument could be made that you need to be over 18 to have a credit card, and we all know that nobody reads terms and conditions, and even then how many have actually been enforced?

It’s just me running this. In my spare time. I’m insisting on the age thing more for my protection than anything else.

There are laws that make it a crime to (un)knowingly provide pornography to a minor. Serious laws, and while the risk of me being prosecuted is low, there could be another John Ashcroft Attorney General that wants to go hard after all the porn on the Internet.

Like I’ve said elsewhere, nobody here is going to pay my legal bills should something come up. dA has a legal team. Facebook has a legal team. I’ve got My Cousin Vinny (and his name is Geraldo not Vinny and he’s my husband’s cousin, not mine.)

I think it’s pretty fair that if you want access to a secret part of the site that you jump through a hoop or two. It makes the user value that “membership” in that area that the rest of the user-base doesn’t have access to all the more.

But look, I get it. I might be uneasy about giving my name and birthdate to a complete stranger. But then again, that’s exactly what I do all the time when a site asks me to put that information down.

I’m not even asking for that. Nothing attached to anybody’s profile. Hell, I’m not even asking to see anyone’s picture. Just a name, and birthdate on a Drivers’ License or Passport. Everything else can be blacked out or blurred.

And the image gets deleted the moment the birthdate gets verified.

But it’s up to the user.

It’s not like it’s a requirement to use the rest of the site.


I was going to bring that point up. Would it not be an idea to ask to see someone’s credit card? Again you could blur out the last four digits.

I didn’t want to cause you any grief. I’m fully behind you. I’m not sure I’d even want to be in the dungeon. I’ve seen the stuff people get away with on DA and it’s often too much, like it’s all they do, it’s so boring. I was just bouncing ideas really. I want nothing more than to support you. I have actually done a scan of my passport in case I was being too cautious. Anyway. As I said too. I run a small business and have to deal with customers so I know how hard it is to deal with text. My advice is always assume people are just being nice but clumsy. That way your day goes better. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I appreciate the support.

This is why My Husband’s Cousin Geraldo recommended from a legal perspective:

A credit card is not a form of identification, and credit cards can be issued to minors as authorized users on their parent’s accounts. A Drivers’ License or Passport however is identification.


Ah, I’m pretty sure kids can’t be issued with cards in this country but, who knows, that could have changed.

While I agree underage use is bad, I fail to see how making someone swipe their father’s driver’s license, or even having one of their own and still being under 18, would make any difference. Happy to send mine though :wink:

Unless you plan to post and share overt sexual/ pornographic artwork there is no need to join the Dungeon. The community guidelines for U3DF are quite liberal as it stands.

Artistic nudity/ most NSFW art is fine in the areas where it’s welcome. It’s only the art that is graphic and explicit that’s only allowed in the Dungeon.

Because of this, The Dungeon doesn’t actually get a lot traffic. It’s a pretty exclusive membership, and there’s not a lot of members that have taken the extra step.

So please don’t think you’re missing out on much by not doing so.