Another crippled version of a pro feature in Daz

Just like the so called IK system And the Dynamic hair. Daz introduces a pro app feature in DS 4.20 ( Open VDB) , and hobbles it down for still renders in the dumb brute force path tracer from NVIDIA​:roll_eyes:

And they wonder why serious 3D artists consider Daz studio a kiddie toy.

I think it could be animated with a script but of course I don’t know how to do that, It would need a job file for the VDBs, I did try Casuals animated texture scripts but they are for images so don’t work.

Sure a script that imports one VDB, renders it…deletes it, and on to the next in an open VDB sequence.

A total Crap arsed way to do what a proper VDB importer is supposed to do.

The whole point of open VDB importers are to save time and have pre rendered , animated smoke or fire that can be previewed in real-time.

Without the need to bake a simulation in your native application.

But as usual Daz implements a crippled version targeted to PA,s to make/ sell canned one offs for the still render hobbyists.

Just as the IK system pins the limb for one frame

The Dynamic hair locked to the PA’s with no animation capabilities for end users.

And even with some ridiculous script sperluncking through a batch of VDB files it will look like crappy ray Harryhausen stop motion , because IRAY in Daz studio has no cinematic motion blur.