Are we just doing caricatures now?

I mean…really?

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I don’t see a pattern developing. Caricature or Trope characters have always been about 20% of the models. For that artist, this IS his third exaggerated character in a row, but the artist has done a very good job at maintaining a good variety with their characters.

The outliers, visually, are the one you’ll notice and remember - far moreso than the half-dozen young white girls that artists churn out every day.

When males are what… 1/5 the output, generally…probably less? Each one stands out. Not a fan of the artist to begin with. Textures on characters I own leave a lot to be desired.


They seem to use a lot of female skin resources when making their figures. I think I have bought a couple in bundles. Their style and that of their last figure does remind me of the sims. The sims has sort of that same elastic face stuff happening.