Artist Portfolio Websites?

Do you have a portfolio website for your art? What are some must-have or must-see elements that such websites should contain? Any tips or things to avoid? Also, let’s see some links!

I’m currently working on a new version of my Dream 9 Studios website. Here’s my v2022 test site. I’d greatly appreciate any critique of it and if you leave a link to your portfolio here, I’ll add it to my Links page. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for starting this thread, D9! What a fantastic idea.

My main portfolio is, but I also have my DeviantArt portfolio, too!

Curious to see others. :male_detective: :slight_smile:

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I like the thought of artists helping each other. :slight_smile: And yes, let’s share dA portfolios too! I’d love more people to follow and network!

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Mine is at my personal website found here

The 2D and 3D page links are really all you need but if you wanna read more about me and my life journey it’s all there.


Yours looks wonderful Dream9. mjc3d, I cannot even connect to yours (maybe it’s Windows 11?) but I am familiar with your excellent work on DA. I like your approach RAMWorks and I think it always helps business when you help newcomers to the game to learn the basics of Daz and you do a great job doing it.

Mine is far more humble, but this is more of a hobby than a business (I don’t think my art is up to some of the stuff I see you guys and others post, at least not yet) but I have a basic site here that was created through the wixcom service through deviantart. Advice on a better way to set it up would be appreciated, keeping in mind that my DeviantArt profile (Hexdrake) main gallery is linked to the main gallery – anything else I have to manually upload a second time. I really want to spend my time doing art and not uploading the same renders on twelve different sites, but I wouldn’t mind learning about web design :star_struck:!


Thank you! Not sure what’s going on. What country are you in if I might ask? (Also, I run Windows 11 so it’s not a Windows 11 thing.)

Site loaded just fine when I just scanned it.

I’m not sure mjc, I just tried it again and got the same message. I’m not running anything fancy, just Chrome with some adblocker (not sure if it is from Chrome or Windows). I sent you a personal message with a screenshot of what I’m getting and I will continue the discussion there so we don’t keep alerting everyone interested in the main topic :yum:

I think I know the problem. You wrote your URL incorrectly in your original post and that’s what Hexdrake is clicking on. You wrote mj3d instead of mjc3d. :slight_smile:

Also, gotcha added to my Links page, Hexdrake. I think your site looks nice. You need to fix your header’s Instagram link. :wink: Is your artwork Elven Queen traditional media or digital made to look traditional? Either way, I really like it. :slight_smile: Also, you’ve got a new dA watcher.

Gotcha added to my Links page and as soon as I have a free moment, I’m going to read through your site. :slight_smile: I just skimmed it for now and I’m already fascinated.

Well f*ck me. LOL! Don’t I now feel like a f*cking moron.

My “art” is at, which is a hand-built website of my own making (well, I use a bunch of tools to do the build, some that I implemented myself, some that I didn’t … but ‘hand-built’ in the sense that it’s not WordPress or SquareSpace or whatever). I have a bunch of changes that I want to make, but this is what’s there at the moment.

@Dream9Studios, I do have a couple of comments on your site. It’s very handsome, but there are some UI issues you might want to think about.

One is that the back/forward arrows on the landing page overlap with the menu down the right-hand side: the right-hand arrow disappears when you mouse over it, apparently because it shares space with the menu.

The other is that those little circles in the menus on the right and at the foot of the page are what the UI/UX people call “mystery meat navigation” – you can’t actually see what’s on offer until you mouse over it. Sometimes there are good reasons for doing things this way, but it’s often regarded as an anti-pattern. There’s a school of thought that says that you should let visitors see everything that’s on offer on your site, rather than hiding the features behind mysterious little icons.

Related to that, those circles are so small that they’re a challenge to click on (you’ll hear people talk about ‘click targets’). It’s a bit difficult on a regular computer browser, and it’s nearly impossible on a phone (which is a shame, because the site looks pretty nice on phone).

Oddly, this will actually cost you in terms of SEO. Google applies a bunch of heuristics when deciding how highly to rate a site. One of them is how well the site works on mobile. If your site doesn’t perform well on mobile devices, Google will push it further down the search listing. And one of the things that they look for is precisely that – the size of the ‘click targets’. (Google is forever sending me snarky emails about ‘click targets too small’, ‘click targets too close together’ etc. on my sites).

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I used to “hand-build” my websites, but I just got tired of having to update the code for every single page each time I wanted to make edits to the template or something. WordPress just simplified things for me as my site grew too big to maintain the old fashion way. I did like being able to work on my site offline though!

I can fix the back/forward arrows issue no problem. I can’t believe I never noticed that before! Thanks! The little circles are really just additional dressing really. The point is to scroll down, not click the circles. It’s common on parallax styles sites.

I’ll add your site to my Links as soon as I next log in to fix that UI error.

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