Bad luck ending with more bad luck with... DAZ Install Manager!

I know that much of what I’m about to tell is due to stress, which makes you act foolishly.

OK, so I had another computer problem. Started with Windows Update not succeeding to create an update. I checked with the Microsoft support. That advised me to disconnect all the USB stuff I had connected and then try the update once more. That didn’t go either. Luckily enough I have a 2TB SSD available. I reckoned it would be better that having two 1TB connected in RAID 0. After that I discovered that the CPU fan wasn’t fastened to the motherboard. Had to loosen some cables and thus damaged the working SSD, now with Windows 10 Pro installed to it. The contacts was bent out of shape and the plastic piece covering one of the SATA contacts was ripped off.

OK. Bought another SSD. This time a M2. Then a working CPU fan. Installed Windows to the SSD M2. The SSD didn’t manage to work properly. Had to go to BIOS and save the settings. This without changing anything. Then I could get into Windows as ususal. This happened every time. OK, go to the Corsair website check out what they were saying about the issue. Was told that it settles after some time. Sorry, but it didn’t. Downloaded some software that allegedly would fix the connection problems with the SSD M2. Was completely useless as it didn’t even find the SSD in question.

After downloading the software for the motherboard Windows no longer connected to the SSD M2 circuit board. Hands down I’m no BIOS wizard. So… go back to the RAID 0 configuration again. Install Windows. This time for the 3rd time in half a week.

OK, now everything was working. Time to set up DAZ Studio once more. In that process I was looking for the missing SSD M2 to appear again. I searched via the disk tool in Windows. No sign of it. Accidently I mistook the HDD drive for the SSD M2. This even if the HDD has 6 TB instead of 2. So I pressed “format” by mistake, thinking it was showing the wrong size. That had happened the same week with another 1TB disk showing 2 TB instead. So, I thought it was a question of the same thing and thus erased everything I’ve saved through the years. Bummer!!! Speaking of being jinxed!?

Luckily enough everything I had saved before buying the 6TB HDD was saved on a spare 2TB HDD. I also have a lot saved on Renderosity and DAZ3D, so no big deal to be honest. The bent contacts of the damaged 2TB SSD showed to be easily bent back, using a plier. It even worked! Also, I shifted the slot of the SSD M2 to the second slot, which made it appear in Windows again. Getting better…?!

Well… that depends. I started to install DAZ Studio. Thought to myself I use the ones containing the IMO-code at the beginning of their names in Install Manager. After hours of painstaking work, I had reached over 1200 items. Then comes the strange thing. Install Manager makes a RESET!! It uninstalls EVERYTHING including DAZ Studio itself!! When I check it out, it tells me I got half the items available for install, namely 642 items in all!! That’s half of what I’ve been installing!!! I am clueless to WHY that happened…