Benefits to the Studio Public Beta

I have been spending the past several months working primarily with the DAZ Studio Public Beta. It’s now the main application in my workflow. It’s much (much) more stable than the main Studio that’s been released.

I still fire up the main Studio though every once in a while if I’m testing content for a PA/ vendor (I’m starting to do that more and more), or to run a plugin that is only installed in the main Studio installation.

But there’s another benefit. When it comes to running dForce simulations on my figures, it’s just SO much easier to save out my figure and it’s clothing (for as many nudes as I tend to do I actually do render clothes every once in a while! LOL!) as a Scene Subset and bring that over into the other copy of Studio running and run the simulation there.

The simulation goes much quicker since I don’t need to worry about anything else in the scene interfering.

Then save out another Scene Subset and import that back into my main scene.

Easy. Peasy. Feezy. Weezy!

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Interesting use of the beta - to allow two instances of Daz to run at the same time. I can see the benefits - espectially the dForce items seperately. Good info.

Yep! And allows me to continue working while the simulation is running.

How do you get the public beta?

Here’s the forum link:

I am curious if there is any benefit to installing the beta on my primary ssd. It has 500 gig, but could handle the beta, vs, putting it on my secondary data.

The app itself consumes very little disk space. It uses your same content library and CMS database.

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