Buying Behaviors - Which are you?

Different buying behaviors:

  • Buy everything, what you like a bit, even if you dont use (hoarder) (subspecies: buy everything from a seller, or a product theme)
  • Buy everything, what is cheap, even if you never will use
  • Buy only, what you need

Which are you? Or can you add more behavior? Which is the product what you would definiately buy from our store, and which is the no-way?, check it, so curious to your answer

I will almost never buy on impulse. I tend to WishList stuff in the hope of a sale, and mostly stuff that’s non-generic (i.e. same-y, ‘me too’, cliched) and well-made. With a preference for certain sellers who I know make quality items that don’t disappoint and who I want to support if I can afford it (1971s, Nursoda, Ken G, Cybertenko, Poisen etc).

Within that, I have a marked and specific preferences for toon and semi-toon, also science-fiction and fantasy. Items that might one day fit a project I’d like to do (an Ancient Egypt tale, a H.P. Lovecraft story, a whimsical fantasy fairy-tale, a short Moebius-like comic book). So I have specific things in mind there. Egyptian barges, cats, creatures whose design matches that of my planned fairy-tale heroine, clothing or tech that looks like it’s from a stylish 1970s French comic.

I’d also like to find good items that might fit Poser to Vue pictures I have in mind. Giant war-elephants and their riders coming out of a dusty desert, a herd of alien creatures on a vast plain with ancient tech monoliths, isometric views of ancient English landscapes with hut villages (Poser props to Vue).

I also pick off ‘cheap but obscure’ items that might vanish. So I WishList ridiculously expensive old stuff, in the vain hope that it might one day be down to $3-$5 (e.g. Grotto’s Vampire for Michael 3, Void Prime: Dakari by Sixus1, DiplocaulusDR, Woolly Mammoth for Daz Studio, HH Colossadon) before it vanishes forever.

But I notice anything that’s toon (of Nursoda quality in design). I prefer Poser items, as that’s the easiest to get a convincing comic-book look for (real-time Comic Book Preview etc). Also a few of Ali’s HR hairs.

Also, when keeping up with the stores, when looking for older items to fill in the rumtime for a specific need, I will have PzDB on hand for a quick check if I have something already. Regrettably pzDB is no longer sold or available.

At DAZ it’s a bit different. They have far less ‘quirk’, so what tends to get WishList-ed is quality instead. So for instance I WishListed ‘DS Cadichon for Daz Horse 2’ because it’s obvious quality - and one day I might really want a great pack-mule. The same with ‘Weasel by AM’ - one day a weasel might be needed, especially in a fairy tale (“Pop Goes the Weasel”, as the old song goes). But mostly I hover at the lowest end, hoping to pick of some really cheap discounts on old Poser items (such as to complete my collection for Predatron’s old Troglodyte - Troglodyte Curly Horns, War Stuff for Troglodyte, Troglodyte Jack Boots, War Pigs for Predatron’s Troglodyte).

‘Off WishList’ I also have my eye on other places via WishLists. A couple of Xurge M4 cyber-suits I don’t yet have. Some Crossdresser Licences from EvilInnocence. Some of the rabbit-people items at Philosopher’s Egg. Also ArtStation Marketplace, even Gumroad (but they bizarrely offer no WishList function - they must be losing millions due to that!).

However all this is on hold because… no money! It’s the same story everywhere. Huge post-lockdown bills for electric/gas, food, transport, service charges, and mortgage have destroyed many people’s ability to spend anything. Even small amounts. That goes double for artists, writers and creatives, who are never well paid even at the best of times.

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Thank you! for our behavior changed alot, some of our vendors still impulsive buyer, some make “buy day”, some buy just he very want. I think its an interesting question, would be good hear more point of views.

(We have lot of toon items, if you have some free time, check it :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

I am very much the only buy what I need and depending on the need that is sometimes when I first see an item or it gets wishlisted to be picked up on sale as I do not have a huge amount of disposable income. I would love to be able to support my favorite vendors by getting things that are of use to me when they are released but unfortunately 90% of the time I just cant afford to so have to wait and hope things go on sale. Also I don’t tend to use the latest figures, once I find something that works for what I do I’ll stick with it rather than chasing the new shiny, right now that means I am happy using the G8 line for my humans, G1/2 for my humanoid monsters and a mix of mostly Hivewire animals and Daz Horse2 and Dog2. For that reason I am always on the lookout for things to convert props/clothing/poses/characters from both older and newer lines to the figures I am using, I am far more likely to buy a well made easy to use converter than anything else

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