Darius 7, new DAZ PBR Skin Shader

The new skin shader takes a little getting used to, but its not far off from the original and much better is many ways. In the end, however, we still need better specular maps… maps that ACTUALLY control the areas of shine, particularly on the face because the rest of the physics are great but do not model this part without a control map.

I have just noticed that the new shader does not contain an opacity channel. That’s going to be an issue for the male bits market.

Absolutely stunning! I saw your post over on 3D Masculinity but since I’m still banned by Facebook I couldn’t do anything with it. What a fantastic render!

Thanks. Why in the world are you banned?

Because I said the insurrectionists should face consequences for their actions. Zuckerfuck didn’t like that.

And by consequences I might have said they should be tried for treason and executed.