DAZ 3D First Impressions for March 29, 2021

DAZ 3D First Impressions for March 29, 2021

Today is definitely a Monday. My posts this morning have been delayed because I’ve got multiple clients who have been hacked because they didn’t patch their systems when not only I warned them, but so did Microsoft (and the media). So I’ve been fielding phone calls all morning. Patch your computers and your applications, people!

Today’s Promo: March Madness Extended - Everyday Living and Lifestyles

Today’s Releases: New wig for G8 females, “carrying” poses for G8, new black female character, new black curly hair wig, a calm living room set, a collection of cat tchotchkes props and accessories, an apartment and laundry shop, “comforting” pose collection for G8 females, and an asymmetric button dress.

Todays’ Song: “Give Me Your Love” by Sigala with John Newman and Nile Rodgers

2021-05 Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

This is a long-haired, loose-ponytail, everyday style wig for your G8 females from outoftouch.

It is for both G8F and G8.1F, and features numerous movement and adjustment morphs, but no dforce. It also has “6 Style Buttons”, 30 base hair colors, 30 blending colors, 10 blending overlay alpha styles, and 4 blending strength styles.

The fact the hair does not support dforce at this time is frankly a disappointment. Outoftouch is a legend when it comes to creating hair for DAZ characters, and her work is superb, but could it really take that much longer to make your hair dforce enabled? Dforce is the future.

I will no longer be recommending the purchase of any hair that does not support dforce unless the hair is super short where simulating the hair wouldn’t make much sense. But this hair has a ponytail!

2021-05 Hair Texture Expansion

A set of alternate materials for the 2021-05 Hair from outoftouch.

Includes: 100 base haircolors, 100 blending colors, 10 additional blending alpha textures, and 30 preset hairblending styles.

Carry It - Poses for Genesis 8.1

This is a set of 25 full-body (and split) poses of G8 figures carrying various items from JWolf.

The product page says Genesis 8.1 but the promo page lists G8 and G8.1 compatibility (male and female). Since no expressions are listed there’s nothing that makes this a G8.1 only set.


Suzi HD For Genesis 8.1 Female

This is a new, Black, female character for G8.1F from Colm Jackson.

She’s designed to work with G8.1F only.

Includes separate head and body morphs, fibermesh eyebrows, morphs for her lashes, nails, nipples, and navel. Face and lips glitter geoshell, 8 different brow colors, 10 eye colors, 10 glitter effects, 12 eyelash colors, 10 fingernail and toenail colors, 10 makeup options, eye liner.

No genital maps are listed on the promo page.

I will no longer recommend the purchase of any adult character release that doesn’t include genitals materials. I don’t care how prudish of a PA you are. And Genesis 8.1 now includes gross-gender genitals so I expect both male and female genital maps to be provided for G8.1 characters.

If the character includes genital maps, then list them on the product page.

70s Curly Hair Style for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female

This is a 1970s curly “afro” style wig for G8 females from Matari3D.

Includes a short hair wig and two large hair wigs. The large hair wig has S, M, L, XL, and XXL size presets. Also includes large sunglasses, and ear rings. You just need some bell-bottom jeans and some platform shoes and you’ll be ready the next Soul Train audition!

Multiple color options for the hair and material options for the glasses and earrings round out this set.

I’m recommending this hair even though it isn’t dforce enabled since this type of hair usually doesn’t have (and you usually don’t want) much movement with it.


Calm Living Room

This is a small room environment/ set with a balcony and round window from Feng.

The large windows allow ample exterior light from an HDRI or other light source to shine in, and the minimalist furniture is simple and elegant.

This would make a great environment for not only your art but for showcasing your art and figures.

And it even has a door! You laugh but you’d be surprised at how many rooms sold at DAZ 3D don’t come with a fucking door.

Anyhow, I like this set. I’m buying.

The Cat Collection

This is a collection of several different cat themed props to dress up your scenes from Sylvan.

It includes: Cat Breeds Book, Cat Care Book, Cat Light, Cat Ring, Children’s Cat Book, Chunky Cat, Cuddle Cat, Cushion, Doormat, Frame Basic, Frame Cat 01, Frame Ornamental, Headband Cat Ears, Lucky Cat, Mug, Paw Spoon, Statue Cat, G8F Cat Ring, G8F Headband Cat Ears, G8M Cat Ring, and G8M Headband Cat Ears.

Lots of different material options are also included.

I’m buying. You can never have enough scene dressings and props for your renders.

FG Apartment and Laundry Shop

This set includes both a very tiny studio apartment and a coin-operated laundry mat from Fugazi1968, Ironman, and PAN Studios.

Frankly it’s unclear if the apartment is completely separate or if it’s attached to the laundry shop. I think the apartment is attached to the back of the coin operated laundry. Which seems a bit weird. Any how.

The coin operated laundry looks complete and detailed enough where it could stand on its own. Frankly I think the “apartment” (if it is attached) would make a more suitable office than living space but oh well.

IM Comforting Pose Collection

This is a set of 30 (15 sets) poses of interacting figures “comforting” one-another designed for G8F G8.1F from Ironman and Paper Tiger.

I guess it’s too gay to show men comforting each other or a woman. Men aren’t supposed to show empathy I guess. (And these are very feminine poses.)

This is a nice pose set none the less. I’m still buying it.

dforce Asymmetric Button Dress 2 for Genesis 8 Females

This is an asymmetric short dress and shoes ensemble for G8 females from PhilW.

It’s dforce enabled which is a plus and includes several movement and adjustment morphs. The outfit comes with shoes, and there are fabric options for a heavier material and more clingy material in addition to the default fabric. 16 different fabric options are provided and 18 separate button choices, trim choices, and shoe colors.

This looks like a smart contemporary dress that will fit most occasions.


Oy vey! What a morning! Can we please rewind this morning so I can start it over?

Again, my apologies for the lateness getting this out. This morning has been CRAZY.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this and have found it useful. If you have any suggestions for how I can make these better I’m all ears! (No, seriously! I’ve got HUGE ears and I hate them.)

Until next time, please take care of yourself and eachother.

I don’t buy dforce hair, due to not having the hardware for the newer hairs. So it is still nice to hear about them anyway.

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You don’t need a powerful GPU for dforce though. Doesn’t it work with the CPU?

I use 4.11 which doesn’t allow for the dforce hair, but doesn’t drop to cpu like newer versions of studio do. CPU is really loud, and undesirable for me to use, and in 4.11 is more optimized with my card, and has less iray, and gpu requirements.

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