Daz Announces DazStudio 5

So, what do you want to see vs What do you expect to see?

from DazRawb:

Hi everyone. Drum roll please…

As Director of Technology for Daz 3D, I wanted to give you some big news. The Daz Studio team has been hard at work on a massive foundation change for Daz Studio that will be released as Daz Studio 5! Our project has been the #1 priority for the team for quite some time now, and it’s almost done. Since we know how important getting a Mac version of Daz Studio is to all of you, we are switching up our release plans (from our normal releases) to get you a look at the upcoming Daz Studio 5 as soon as possible.

Details of the upcoming Daz Studio 5 early-access Pre-Beta:

  • Release timing for this early-access preview is coming soon, at the very end of this month (July) or sometime next month (August).
  • This will be a pre-beta release. Normally we wait until the software is completely finished before releasing it.
  • Major Update will be Daz Studio release running for Macs, no other major features in the Pre-Beta.
  • All Plugins and some scripts will be broken. The SDK won’t be available with this first release, but will be following it up at a later date. Some other less used features won’t work at launch, but will be coming online throughout the year.
  • This release will work on at least x86 Macs (with both Filament and Iray). We are still investigating if this initial early-access release will run either natively or through emulation on M1 macs, but M1 support will come during the continued development of Daz Studio 5.
  • It will install into a new location, so you can run it along your current Daz Studio (release/beta) without problems.

As for the final Daz Studio 5 release:

  • The timeline for this is to have it out near the very end of this year.
  • Features and enhancements will be rolling in through the rest of the year.
  • Anyone who has Daz Studio 4 in their account will be able to keep it. You’ll be able to continue to download and use it for the foreseeable future.

I hope everyone is just as excited about Daz Studio 5 as we are.

This is disappointing. I hate their upgrades, as it inevitably includes some sort of performance hit.

In this case, nothing there is enticing me to upgrade at all.

Yeah. Completely underwhelmed by the announcement. I’m marching on with learning as much as I can about blender.

if they keep locking new features to Premier Artists only I am utterly uninterested in it even with dreaming of unlimited funds to buy hardware.

I won’t even buy Dforce strandbased hair because editing is limited, I happily buy cloth based opacity mapped hair leaf types even though I could like clothing make my own crappier versions, thats not the point.

HDmorphs don’t interest me one iota either except for monsters and creatures and I love the handful of PAs that include displacement maps.

I expect more of the same trend of PA only functionality with any DS5 innovations and would rather learn Blender instead.

Doing this does not make me spend more, it just makes me avoid those products.


waste of time typing one’s feelings about DS5 when the DAZ Moderation team won’t approve the post, this is why I need to learn to work in as many alternatives to DAZ Studio as I can so I can move on from this crapshow, it’s truly sad I still am buying content though but know from Jaderail the mods only rule the peer to peer forum as their little powertripping kingdom and the company itself doesn’t really care about the forum and user opinions anyway, just look at the Non Fungible Token ridiculousness, I shared my opinions on that directly to Customer service and on social media and will likely need to do the same with any issues with DAZ Studio 5.

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I don’t think MAC system is designed for 3D.

I started looking into Blender too after seeing some of your posts and it definitely looks a lot better than the last time I remembered it!

Totally agree with you on that, kkcncn.

Apple are, for instance, soldering their graphics card onto their mother boards. This, in order for the users not to be able to change it. You’re not supposed to modify a Mac - at all. More likely to buy a new replacement for the built in graphics card. The only exception to that rule is the Mac Pro. But Graphics cards for that line is way more expensive than the same ones for a PC. Everyone who tried to, say, change the HDD know it’s one hell of a job. That goes for the whole production line, laptops, stationary, iPads and iPhones. Besides that, you’re risking the Apple warranty just by opening the Mac. I’ve been both a Mac and PC user for years. There’s almost a cultic rivalry between the two camps. Today I’ve changed sides, now leaning more towards a PC than a Mac.

Mac’s leading role, is within the music industry where it’s standard. Recording studios love the Mac, because it’s a stable platform for that line of work. With my own eyes, I’ve seen whole music productions and records made on a simple MacBook (!!). Despite this, a Mac is not suited for 3D. At least not now. The suits up at Apple, have to rethink their strategy, or else the Mac will be history.

When I was using a Mac for 3D-rendering, it only utilized the Intel i7-CPU, not the graphics card (which was way too weak for 3D-rendering). It took nearly seven hours to get a render finished. Finally I gave up and built myself a PC. The results were way better than that with the Mac. During this time, I’ve changed GPU’s three times. Several times I’ve installed SSD’s instead of the old HDD’s. Increased more of RAM’s, et cetera. You can do that in the PC environment, because it’s way more versatile and DIY friendly than a Mac. Besides that, it’s way more expensive to buy a Mac than a PC.

In that respect, I can’t see the excitement about having Daz Studio more “Mac-friendly”. The only Mac that can stand a chance is The Mac Pro. But to get one, you have to pay at least from $3000 up to $5000. For the same amount of money you can get an awesome PC that can run rings around the Mac Pro.

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