DAZ math is crazy at best!

Explain this shit! :slight_smile:

I’d hate to be their accountant.

Challenge accepted!

Base price is $150.95. It’s on intro sale at 40% off (i.e. it’s being sold for 60% of the full price), so that brings it down to $90.57, the price shown on the left-hand side of the cart.

You’re a PC+ member, which gives you 30% off DAZ originals. The discounts are applied in sequence, so that 30% is taken off the discounted price of $90.57, bringing it down to $63.40, the figure shown at the top left. You also have a purple banner offering you a further 20% off (because your DAZ addiction is evidently as bad as mine), which is now applied to the discounted price, leaving you with a final price of $50.72.

It’s a little easier to grasp if you convert the percentages to decimals (e.g. 40% would be 0.4). You can then subtract the discount from 1.0 and multiply the result to get the final price. Multiple discounts are successive multiplications. So:

Full Price x (1.0 - intro sale discount) x (1.0 - PC+ discount) x (1.0 - Purple Banner discount)

$150.95 x (1.0 - 0.4) x (1.0 - 0.3) x (1.0 - 0.2) = $50.7192

$150.95 x 0.6 x 0.7 x 0.8 = $50.7192

OK, I haven’t explained this very well. But the math isn’t actually crazy at all: it all makes sense if you just remember that each discount is applied in sequence to the result of applying the previous discount.

Their accountant probably has a reasonably easy time of it, because all they’re concerned about is revenue (whatever they sell the content to you for) vs. cost-of-goods-sold (staff salaries, office rent, hosting bill, payments to published artists etc.). The discounts don’t even feature in the ledgers.

I would not, however, like to be the person who has to figure out what the published artists get from each sale, or who decides what discounts they can afford to give, and how they all interact with each other. That is where the numbers go crazy.

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Holeee shit! :open_mouth:


I know, it usually appears on the product page. There shouldn’t be hidden discounts, it makes zero sense from a vendor or customer point of view. I don’t think the maths is the issue or where you were going. :slight_smile:

Occasionally you get a personal discount but, they tell you, will apply in the cart and even then it calcualtes in the cart and not just the total. I think everything is glitching everywhere at the moment. :smiley:

It’s working okay on mine, I’m using Safari here so it doesn’t show the discount but the price is right. .

The discount is being shown from the DAZ Deals plugin for Chrome and Firefox.

No, I got rid of the Daz Deals plugin, but i still see the discount in Firefox. I only use Firefox for that reason.

I was finally giving into this weeks bundles and had everything in my cart ready to go…then I decided I don’t need the stupid sidekick bundle and take it out. The cart price went up by $20…So I added it back in and only ended up saving 80% off of list price, but I can count on one hand the number of things I’ve bought at list price from daz. I do think it’s a bit rude of daz to modify their sales/bundles as the week goes on.

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