DAZ pumping their Unity Assets

Looks like DAZ is now pumping their Unity assets. Received this earlier today:

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I would think if Daz really wants to switch entirely to a gaming support model supplier they’d backtrack to a lower poly model like V4.

I hope Daz is simply expanding their market rather than changing their market. They’ve thrived for years focused on the Daz app and it’s models. I can’t think they’d be abandoning it anytime soon.

If the quality of art created in Unity starts to outpace Daz, I’ll switch. But for now, Daz is for art, Tafi is for game developers.

I am going to start archiving my Daz app downloads in the event they really start to go downhill. Even if they change focus, we’ll see a decrease in the rate of improvement, I’d hope.

But I might be an optimist.

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Current daz management is gung ho about the animation and game market, and is trying again to enter it, even though they haven’t yet to be successful. They also still desperately want to do animation, even though daz is not really a good animation app.

The problem seems to be is they don’t really want to change, they just want the game market to come to them with little effort.

Entering the game market is more than just repurposing daz figures and calling the game ready. They need to make content that game makers are going to want.

When I look at the kinds of games that can be produced with DAZ store assets, they are usually Military sims or Dating/Porn type sims, or Anime/Manga style games They would need to product a lot more realistic content for military games, and for dating games they’d need guy stuff. DAZ Anime/Manga content doesn’t match the quality of what is already being produced.

At the end of the day, most of these efforts seem half-hearted, and DAZ falls back on it’s core base, who just want to render Pretty European girls in sexy times outfits.

A concerted change in direction would be needed to go gamer. They just don’t have it… Yet

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