DAZ3D March Madness for March 22, 2021

DAZ3D March Madness for March 22, 2021

Todays’ promo is “Build Your Own Bundle”. :yawning_face:

First up is a 3-piece outfit for G8F from 4blueyes and DirtyFairy.

Featuring a floral-print high-waisted shorts, cream colored top, and cream strapped heels.

An alternate materials pack from DirtyFairy is also available which has more muted colors.

Normally I don’t reccomend getting the alternate materials because it’s so easy to re-texture your wardrobe items yourself with the Iray shaders you already have in your library but in this case I’m going to make an exception.

The print on the original product shorts is so loud. It screams something out of the 1970s. If I buy this, I’m going to have to re-texture those shorts before I even do my first render.

The shoes are nice though and this might be worth it for the shoes alone. LOL!

It’s going to be a no for me.

Next up is a set of HDRI and emissive lights and adjustments from Skyewolf for illuminating your renders.

It includes several different cameras, emissive lights, one-click adjustment to the lights (without having to venture into the Surfaces tab) and several different HDRIs representing different exterior times of the day as well as some unique interior HDRIs.

This looks to be a comprehensive set for artists that don’t want to delve into the nitty-gritty of Iray lighting in DAZ Studio.

Do you need this? Of course not. Everything this set offers you can do yourself if you open up the Surfaces tab and the Render Settings tab. But I can see where this will save you some time.

Passing on this. I have enough HDRIs.

Next up are some classic boots for G8F from 3DStyle.

In the event 3DStyle never releases a pair of boots for G8M remember, you can auto-fit boots for her onto your male characters. There really is nothing special or different about boots designed for one gender as opposed to another.

These are some basic boots, but because they’re so basic they’re actually also quite good looking and come in a variety of neutral, feminine, and masculine materials.

They also have separate material zones for the different parts of the boot so you can customize them even further.

All in all a very comprehensive product and offering.


Next up is a COVID-19 -themed interior birthday party environment from bituka3d.

It features a dining room adorned with birthday party food, plates, and eccessories. Yellow “Caution” balloons, streamers, and window decorations.

It’s cute and a bit campy but… it’s also a very niche product. And frankly, how many of us want to be constantly reminded of the past year? Especially for birthdays and not really being able to hold a birthday party over the past year.

It’s going to be a no for me.

Next up is a tutorial and light set for the Filament rendering engine from Dreamlight.

Dreamlight is known for his tutorials, and I’m happy to see he’s released some tutorials for Filament.

I’ve said this before: Filament is not Iray, and Iray is not Filament. You have to learn new Filament specific techniques to get the most out of Filament, and this tutorial looks like it will get you started on the right path.

I’m buying this. Simply because I want to learn more about Filament and what it can offer, and what its shortcomings are. It’s a new tool, and I want to learn how to use it better.

Next up is a sci-fi outfit for G8M from Yura.

This outfit will complement any other outfits you might have from Yura for your other characters. Their style is unique and complementary.

It doesn’t have dForce which is a disappointment, and relies on auto-fit for fitting to your various characters.

This is a maybe. It’s added to my wishlist and we’ll see. The lack of movement and adjustment morphs here is a real turn-off.

Next up is a medium-sized space vehicle from The DigiVault.

This space vehicle can be rendered in space, or on the ground landed since it has articulated landing gear and access hatch.

I mean, it’s a space vehicle. There’s really not much more I can say about it. :slight_smile: It comes in 8 colors.


Next up is a sci-fi environment and props from Oskarsson.

Ok, this looks pretty cool. Oskarsson is usually known for some pretty wild and crazy products that don’t really have much practical use, but not this.

It’s a sci-fi room with a partially open and exposed floor, and severl props for either displaying holograms of planets, or of people and objects, and a containment cylinder with interior fluid (gas or liquid) and control panel.

This is intriguing, and I like the overall premise. This would be coom for a sci-fi villain.


Next up is a new, young, European, female character for G8F from iSourceTextures.

The name of this character is “Ingeborg”. She’s literally from Sweden.


Last is a new European, male character from Dax Avalange.

The character is marketed as a superhero and includes a (2) different head+body morphs, a geoshell suit, and boots.

It’s an interesting looking character, and is certainly reminiscent of something from DC Comics.

The fact that it’s G8.1M only though limits its usefulness to me right now though.


And that’s it for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed the writeup. As always, please let me know your comments and feedback below! I hope these posts are proving to be useful to you.

Until next time, please be kind to one another and to yourselves.

Thanks for the review. If anyone gets the covid themed party, I am curious if the birthday hats can be used on the figure. I’ve been wanting some for a while. I don’t think so, but perhaps they can be parented

Joinis is interesting. I probably would buy him, if I used 8.1 but due to hardware limitations, I’ve had to curb 8.1 spending for now, until I can buy a better gpu.

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I"m a fan of iSourceTextures characters, but as I already have about 5 of them, I put the new girl on teh wishlist for now. I’m curious tho whether it’s a re-use of existing skin materials. I can never really tell when creators reuse the base skin texture so was wondering if anyone else can.

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