DAZ3D March Madness for St. Patrick’s Day

DAZ3D March Madness for St. Patrick’s Day

Today’s promo is “Cleopatra 8.1”.

First up is Cleopatra 8.1. A new, relatively young, female character for Genesis 8.1 Female.

To me she looks more like a Hollywood actress playing Cleopatra than an actual Egyptian Queen. I mean, maybe. But she definitely looks more Israeli than Egyptian to me.


Next up is a bundle of gold coins, amulets, jewelry, plates, bowls, chalices, and other accouterments from Dekogon Studios to dorn your palace and tombs with.

A large assortment of gold colored props and accessories are included.


Next up is Cleopatra’s hair for G3F and G8F from AprilYSH. Complete with braids and gold accessories.


Next up is a zahra outfit for G8F from WildDesigns.

Not just for Egyptian Queens. Perfect for your genie in a bottle, your belly dancer, harem woman, and more.


Next up is a set of Egyptian weaponry used by Royal guards from fjaa3d.

Featuring a scythe, swords, sickel, axe, and more in both a high-poly count and low-poly count.


Next up is a dforce outfit for G8F made for an Egyptian Queen from Barbara Brundon.

Featuring hair, a headdress, necklace, top skirt, dress, shoes, and arm bands. In addition to dforce, it comes with several movement and adjustment morphs.


Next up is an Egyptian Oasis set/ environment from The Ant Farm for DAZ Studio.

Complete with a temple, pool, columns, plants, flowers, mirrors, lights, cameras, and a desert sand plane.


Next up, and not part of the Cleopatra bundle released today, is a Steampunk Monowheel from Mely3D.

Monowheels are cool. I’m saving this to my wishlist. I render more cyberpunk and sci-fi than steampunk but that might change here pretty soon.


Next up is a merchant resource for G8.1F from Moonscape Graphics and Sade that provides a very dry, cracked, and “undead” flesh for PAs for use when creating new characters.


Next up is some G8F hair fron Nestis3D. It includes several pose, movement, and adjustment morphs.

Called “top-tied hair” it features a figures long hair tied up in a scrunchie (?) so the long hair falls down on the side of the figure’s face. No dforce support, so I’m going to pass on this one.


Last we’ve got a mid 20th Century movie set with props and accent pieces from Fugazi1968, Ironman, and PAN Studios.

The set is of a sitting/ living/ reading type room and has movie set lights and props. Also include a camera production dolly, jig, lighting rig, director’s chair, clapboard, and more.


And that rounds out today’s releases! I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Please let me know your thoughts and criticisms in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

Cleopatra was ethnically Greek. She wouldn’t look Egyptian.

Yeah but that link is what Cleopatra apparently looked like. I can see the greek now that you mention it.

The Daz model is certainly not historically accurate. Should have had a much bigger nose. Ironically, they could have gone more European with this one.

I picked up the Egyptian Oasis by antfarm. It looks useful if I should ever do an Egyptian render and the price was great in the cart.

The Hollywood-ized Egyptian female stuff is avoidable. I do have a lot already, and haven’t rendered any of it yet, so chances are slim I need yet more.

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