DAZ3D New Releases for January 28, 2021

DAZ3D New Releases for January 28, 2021

Todays’ bundle is absurd. It includes Michael 8.1 which was already in another bundle yesterday, and two old sets/ environments (dorm room & lecture hall) that have been out for ages now. DAZ is offering a discount if you already own those but… yeah.

DAZ’s bundles suck monkey-balls. At least there’s no female figures bundled-in. LOL.

dForce Fall Vibes Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males – Fall/ winter outfit. (Tight-fitting) jeans. Shoes. Denim jacket. Hoodie for G8M.

Streetscape Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males – Sweater, shirt, jeans, shoes, and beanie for G8M.

Vario Piercing for Genesis 8.1 Male – Various face and head piercings for G8M.

Tjark Short Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males – Short straight hair for G8M.

dForce Fall Vibes Textures – Additional materials for the dForce Fall Vibes Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males.

Z Everyday Wheelchair and Poses for Genesis 8.1 – Wheelchair props and poses for G8M and G8F.

The Expression Collection for Michael 8.1 – Set of facial expressions for G8¹M.

NG Intimates - Athletic Wear for Genesis 8 Female – Underwear for G8F.

Geoshell Eye Builder for Victoria 8.1 – Geoshell eye materials for G8¹F.

So no one has posted that new Michael 8.1 is controversial Republican Senator Cawthorn? Since DAZ has a no politics rule, I suspect my post to that effect will get removed.

I don’t follow Republican politics to know who most of those traitors are or to recognize most of them by their face.

But I can vehemently say we do not have a “no politics rule” here. LOL! :rofl:

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Sort of more than a resemblance.

There is a huge resemblance for sure, but Cawthorn’s jaw looks significantly wider and more square than Michael 8.1’s. Also, Cawthorn has a pronounced brow-bridge that I don’t see in Michael 8. Could just be the expression and lighting though.

It makes you wonder though if the artist that did sculpt Michael 8 either wasn’t from South Carolina or is somehow related to Cawthorn in some fashion.

The resemblence is quite uncanny.

Thanks for posting this!

Oh shit! Cawthorn is a paraplegic too?

Ok, that ain’t no coincidence then. LOL!

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They sort of seem to use actors and famous people for M8. I mean, M8, is John Travolta.

I think DAZ Store, wanted a disabled college figure, and someone used Cawthorn as inspiration. It is clearly not exact, but come on, now… Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Its him… But younger, and probably slightly different.

I never saw that. I’m assuming you mean JT from Grease not from Pulp Fiction. :slight_smile:

Lol…It is the head. Yeah, the whole chin mouth. Someone mentioned that to me and now it too cannot be unseen, although I would vastly prefer Travolta to Cawthorn.

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The nose looks similar, maybe the general face shape… but that’s it (I mean other than the whole wheelchair thing… is that insensitive?). Alas, we don’t know if M8.1 is a bottom feeding, lying moron so the resemblance could very well be only skin deep.

But I’m on board with the “these bundles suck”. I’m not even going to try to wring the pennies out of them because there’s so much “suck” about them.