Dicktator Remove Foreskin

Look, not everyone appreciates an uncut dick. Is there a way to remove the foreskin completely?

Trying to come around to using this thing and get it to look like it matches, but… not being able to make this foreskin GO AWAY is frustrating.

If you have Dicktator V3 look into the Foreskin Length and Foreskin Rim Pull dials. The morphs were added and donated by Clare3DX so look for that logo in your parameter dials.

I don’t think you’re going to fully be able to get rid of Dicktator’s foreskin unless you literally circumcise the 3d model, just like with a real penis. Dicktator is an uncircumcised penis model whereas the Genesis 8 Male Genitalia is a circumcised penis (which is why when you try to make it look uncircumcised it looks like shit.)