Everything in moderation

I should begin by saying that I am not actually someone who chafes particularly at the moderation practices on the DAZ 3D forums. I’ve been involved in running online communities: I know that sometimes you have to stamp out toxicity early before the whole place goes to shit. And DAZ 3D has never struck me as particularly heavy-handed. I actually think they strike a pretty good balance (my opinion, not everyone agrees with me here).

So, on the relatively rare occasions when one of my posts gets moderated out of existence, I tend to shrug and move on. Often I’ll concede that the moderators had a point.

Nevertheless, I am amused by today’s mod message, which informed me that one of my posts had been removed and would not be restored “… because of containing speculation that is being presented as factual.”

Oh, honey. Have you actually, uh, been on this Internet thing long?

I get many of those, especially linking stuff from Bloomberg and Forbes on NFTs :joy_cat:

Writing anything about NFTs on the DAZ forums – unless it’s fulsome praise for the whole concept and DAZ’s offerings in particular – is pretty much just poking the bear.

I have some sympathy. They’re trying to run a business and, for better or for worse (*), they’ve decided to go all in on NFTs. Having a bunch of people show up going “The emperor has no clothes” doesn’t help their bottom line. Even if it happens to be perfectly true.

(*) Worse. It’s definitely worse.

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Their forums are their petty fiefdom.

They clearly do not see much growth in the selling of repetitive Genesis content to the same user base.

I can understand them trying a new revenue stream, even if on a dodgy racket like NFT’S.