How to check your purchases on Gumroad

Hi! :slight_smile: Some user expressed doubts about where are purchases in Gumroad stored.

Well, they are stored on your Gumroad library. You can read about it here:

Below is an image on how it looks:

Can I download my purchases, search them, etc? Yes. As you can see, you can search in your purchases, download again, rate them with stars, and everything. All your purchases are stored, they don’t disappear.

And the license? The licenses of the products are chosen by every vendor. All our products have their license included in the files. It’s very similar and allows the same uses as any other Daz Studio and Poser in brokers like Renderosity or DAZ.

What if the products go back to a broker? They won’t. This is the future. :slight_smile: And anyway, they will stay in your Library, and as you purchased them with our license, the license doesn’t change.

All this is better for you, and better for us! :slight_smile:

Any more doubts, just ask! :slight_smile: