How to create 3D lighting models

I create composite images in Photoshop. It would be very helpful if I could find an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program that would allow me to create simple primitives (e.g. “donuts” that could be combined to create a simple coiled snake) and move various types of lights to simulate what that object might look like when lit by multiple lights from different angles. I don’t need texturing and rendering capabilities. Just the ability to arrange various primitives in a “scene” and model the lighting prior to digitally painting the scene in Photoshop. Any advice would be much appreciated.

register at DAZ3D, install free DAZ-Studio application. Then find free youtube tutos about:

  • move DAZ camera
  • create new primitive
  • create new light
  • if you click select NVidea preview, even the render of shadows appears automatically each time after any change to the scene or camera.

Conclusion: its all there.