How to create own DAZ assets? and eventually make money with DAZ

I’d like to know if there are any YT tutorials (or paid courses) explaining exactly how it’s done. step by step. So far i found some tutorials that show how to use the ‘Transfer Utility’ to wrap a mesh around the characters body, but that can’t be it. And I’m not happy with the results.

Are there any tutorials for creating own Dforce cloth for instance, even just a manuals PDF? Or maybe this is a DAZ internal secret?

Here’s what i wanna do: I exported some Figures from DAZ to Blender. In Blender i created the clothing, boots, goggles etc. Now i want those items back into DAZ as wearable cloth presets. same as if you’d buy a product. At this point any kind of insight, opinion or pointing me in the right direction is welcome

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I want to know how to make money with Daz too. I made clothes in marvelous designer and want to sell them in Daz store

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Not to be negative, however, I have found there is an extreme lack of info on submitting content for sale. You tend to find this information out, only after the product has been submitted when it is declined for a particular reason. I have watched a few tutorials on certain subjects, but I’ve found they aren’t entirely specific. It would be nice if the store had a forum, and standards, where they can help encourage folks to make products, for submission, but I think its tough, as some people do not appear to want the competition, and thus standards and information is largely a somewhat closely guarded secret.

Sorry, I could not be of more help.

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Maybe that’s one way U3DF can help there. To democratize the information. Since the forum isn’t affiliated with any store?

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@Serene No problem. I’ll figure it out on my own. Always have. I think all necessary tools to create DAZ assets are provided within the program. It’s just they are so hidden and undocumented - on purpose i believe.

Soon I will share with this (small) community my first creations - for testing and feedback. and free of course.


I’ve only done some tiny geografts, and I downloaded the Marvelous Designer tutorial that was released this week because I really want to get into doing my own clothes. Not to sell but to give my characters something to wear that’s not meant for a hooker.

I think it would be nice for the community to have some standards and freely pass Information to potential creators. I do not understand the mentality of holding the cards close to the chest so others can’t see how stuff is done.

I do think some things are easier than others to make in 3d.

Daz store sets the tone by doing what it does though. It would be nice if say the store published some standards for say… what it would like in submitted pose sets, so people don’t submit wonkidoodle stuff. Also for god sake they need to make scripting easier so saving things isn’t so repetitive.

Yes, but my whole philosophy all along has been just because DAZ does it doesn’t mean it’s right.

They own the software, sure. And they own the largest marketplace, sure. But know where I’ve been spending most of my money these past few weeks? Renderosity & Renderotica. And it’s simple. What’s being published lately in the DAZ store is utter c.r.a.p. They have nothing to sell as evidenced by their incessant and constant platinum club sales and them trying to push and make more sales for their old crap.

Oh sure, there’s maybe one or two things a week that have been interesting. And certainly there’s been some decent deals. But all in all the store is utter shit right now.

At least I’m seeing some things that are innovative at both Renderosity & Renderotica lately.

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apparently according to one thread that got shut down, they get hundreds of submissions per day, it isn’t always evident in some of the crap that is released but supposedly their standards are pretty high. :smile_cat:

Maybe if they actually published their standards they wouldn’t receive so much crap?

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Mada said about the hundreds of submissions

and yeah the guidelines are vague to say the least

Keep in mind I mostly make characters and simple props, so take what I say more as generalities than cold, hard facts.

My understanding is that any clothing set needs to be modeled against the base figure first and fits then added for any custom character/shape you might have created and some support for the more popular shapes (Michael 8, etc.). I do not know how many Daz3d core figure shapes they expect supported and what is fine to leave to autofit, but that would be something they would tell you after you receive the “go ahead”.

My suggestion would be to test the waters with Renderosity first. They are a little less rigid in their acceptance process and it will give you an idea if what you think is amazingly creative and a “must have” product is received the same way by the customer base. I started there myself and because, back in the day, I mostly made Caucasian, pretty females, I did well.

My first submission to Daz3d was a single, artistic render of a male figure. They responded within a day or two with suggestions and told me to go ahead and submit it. At that time, however, I was a top seller at Renderosity and I had also included a link to my store there. So when you do decide to approach Daz3d, show them your very best renders. Don’t feel limited to technical ones showing the product details, but definitely include eye-catching, artistic renders. If you(please don’t take this the wrong way; I don’t know your render work) feel your renders don’t “pop”, don’t hesitate to hire a promo artist. My understanding is some will do the work for a copy of the final product, some want a flat fee, etc.

Also, when you import your modeled clothing, using the Transfer Utility is the most common way, as I understand it, to rig the clothing for the figure you created it for. However, that usually isn’t the end of your work. You then need to pose a base figure wearing your new clothes in semi- extreme positions and then create partial Joint Control Morphs to fix the distortions you find. Obviously, the skimpier the clothing, the less of these issues occur.

This product is great for posing the figure for you to find those problem areas.

It also includes on the product page, a helpful video about creating these morphs and moving the clothing between Daz Studio and an external modeling program.

And the morphs in this bundle(or their separate components) can be used as a Merchant Resource in clothing:

Clearly, this is just scratching the surface. There are YouTube videos out there by Daz3d that walk through some of the processes, but I’m only familiar with the ones related to character creation.

Good luck!

And now we know why there’s so many bra and panties and bikinis in the marketplace. LOL!

By the way, I just picked up Cameron today. He’s quite a handsome fella. Not sure why I didn’t pick him up before since he ticks all the boxes. :slight_smile:

@Phoenix1966 Thanks for sharing your experience and insights.

Turns out, importing an .obj and turning it into a conforming cloth piece isn’t even that complicated. Tho there are some clipping/poke through issues with my model, they can be resolved by increasing the smoothing/collision iterations. If you know any other method for fixing this, please share.

So far the hardest part is texturing the cloth. I’ve trouble creating cloth stitches… I’ll share my test-piece in a day or two :upside_down_face:

The stitching part is a pain but if you use the pen tool in photoshop and then segment it that worked best for me. At least in making them straight.

Alright, who wants to test and review my first ever, amateurish DAZ Product. It’s a very simple body suit for G8F. Manual install only as I don’t know how t create DIM installer…

known issues:

  • poke through - can be fixed by increasing smoothing and collision iterations. Smoothing type Generic als works better than Base Shape Matching
  • colors don’t match reference…
  • viewport update is lagging??
  • materials are WIP, no stitching, no thickness

@Serene Why didn’t I think of that, ha. Thanks for the idea. That’ll work fine. Photoshop can even generate a normal map for it.

some test renders, no post

Thank you so much. :slight_smile: