I am the party!

– We managed to catch a glimpse of the famed supermodel slash actress right there at the street. Apparently her long time boyfriend Jay wasn’t with her, so one can only guess. Perhaps they’ve broken up? Anyway, when we asked her if she was going to a party, she just smiled and responded:

– Well - I AM THE PARTY and it’s just started!. Right before we met her, she’d been bathing in the city center fountain. That didn’t seem to embarrass her or curb her enthusiasm. She just did some advanced dance moves and soon disappeared into the crowd.

                                   • • •

I created this model based on a celebrity, supermodel Erin Heatherton. Used Face Transfer in DAZ Studio 4.20. The result was quite close (very unusual for me) after a bit of tinkering with different morphs. This should be seen as a picture, shot in a passing moment with the camera flash right in her face. Kind of like those pictures you see in different magazines when paparazzi chase celebrities and get a fleeting chance.

Model: Genesis 8 Female Hair: dForce Long Wet Hair by Lindy Dress: dForce Wet and Dry Classic Dress also by Lindy Environment: French Quarters also by Lindy


I love it @Voxxa! Thanks for sharing! Nice flash-photo effect, too!