Kai and New Underwear - Under Where?

I picked up Kai from Khoshekh3d @ Renderosity and thought he would be a perfect model for JTMRUH Bulge Brief Pro at Gumroad. Kai turned out beautiful. I did change out his eyebrows and beefed him up a little. Beau Fade Beard 8.1 Hope you enjoy. I love the underwear and it looks great on the character!


Fantastic! Love it! Is that composited or did you manage to get 8 figures to render at once?

Loaded up Kai added the genitals and the underwear and the beard and eyebrows changed up the body, then group => duplicate and repeat until I had 8 more accordingly posed, changed eye color and beard color, and underwear color/style, load hdri maintain camera 16:9…roughly about 2 hour render Iray

love the new underwear hes in the process of doing a lot more :wink: including texture maps etc love the render my machine would blow up even at the thought of it lol

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