Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for April 12, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for April 12, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace

Today’s Promo: Laugh & Play All Day

Today’s Releases: dForce frilly blouse & skirt, pig tails wig for G8F, a white female child, a small house set, a tutorial on iRay lighting, a small white female child, a female childs’ clothing, an entertainment room.

Todays’ releases are freaking me the fuck out.

Todays’ Song: “Midnight Train to Georgia” - Gladys Knight & The Pips

dForce Frilled Blouse and Skirt for Genesis 8 Female

A dForce blouse & skirt for G8F from junuehara.

First Impressions: I really like this outfit. It’s nice to see normal clothes instead of hooker-wear for a change.

Likes: The style. Also love the fact that it’s dForce enabled. The blouse open morphs are a nice touch.

Dislikes: Having an option to hide the lace material would make the outfit a little more versatile.

Final Verdict: Definiely buying! This looks like an awesome garment.

Kennedy Tails with dForce for Genesis 8 Females

A pig-tails wig for G8 female children from 3D Universe.

First Impressions: It’s a basic pig-tails wig for your female children characters rigged with dForce. Those promo images are really making me uncomfortable though.

Likes: dForce! I’ve said it before, dForce should be standard now.

Dislikes: The promo images.

Final Verdict: For me it’s a pass.

Chrystal Ann for Genesis 8 and Genesis 8.1 Female

This is a European adolescent female character released from OziChick and hotlilme74.

First Impressions: It’s an adolescent female character for G8F and G8.1F. The G8.1F rigging provides a platform for highly detailed expressions.

Likes: The release comes with separate head & body morphs for added versatility.

Dislikes: Nothing really. It is what it is.

Final Verdict: It’s a pass for me.

Sunrise Hangout

This is a small house exterior set/ environment from Illumination.

First Impressions: The promo images make this set look interesting. I was already to add this to my cart before I realized this was just the exterior.

Likes: Set appears to be quite detailed.

Dislikes: Exterior only so this limits the versatility of the set. It’s also quite small.

Final Verdict: It’s going to be a pass for me.

Iray Lighting Solutions Tutorial Set

An iRay lighting tutorial from Digital Art Live and Griffin Avid.

First Impressions: Looks to be a comprehensive tutorial that goes over the basics of using native iRay lights to light your interior and exterior scenes! Lighting can make a great scene look like shit, or make a terrible scene look awesome.

Likes: Anything that helps artists light their scenes better.

Dislikes: Nothing really.

Final Verdict: Buy this if you want to learn more about iRay lighting!

Kennedy Character for Genesis 8 Females

A young female child character for G8F from 3D Universe.

First Impressions: Not going to lie, this character and this release is triggering me and weirding me the fuck out much more than any of the other releases today and it has nothing to do with the Uncanny Valley (although this is probably the most realistic-looking release from 3DU yet).

I’ve always had a problem with 3DU’s “children” and todays’ release is no different. And maybe I’m projecting my own fears and hangups onto nothing more than a morph for G8F.

Likes: From a purely technical standpoint, it’s a beautiful sculpt. 3DU is a master-craft artist.

Dislikes: My reasons for disliking this release have nothing to do with the product itself.

Final Verdict: It’s going to be a “no” for me.

Kennedy dForce Clothing and Accessories for Genesis 8 Females

dForce romper “outfit” clothing for G8F children from 3D Universe.

First Impressions: The outfit looks fine, but these promo images are weirding me the fuck out and are making my skin crawl.

Likes: It’s nice the outfit has dForce. That should be standard. Multiple colors increase the outfits’ versatility.

Dislikes: My reasons for disliking this release have nothing to do with the product itself.

Final Verdict: It’s going to be a hard “no” for me.

FG Entertainment Room

An entertainment room interior set/ environment from Fugazi1968, Ironman, and PAN Studios.

First Impressions: This appears to be a home’s attic transformed into an family and guest entertainment room featuring a bar, billiards table, couch, air hockey table, foosball, putting green, and more.

Likes: Seems pretty complete.

Dislikes: The electronc drink ordering station at the bar seems a bit much and out of place. The lack of hallways or corridors outside the doors mean the artist is going to have to whip something up on their own if they want to open the doors in the set.

Final Verdict: I’m going to pass. I would prefer this release to be more cohesive and part of a larger set.

I’m going to apologize for todays’ write ups. When I saw the releases this morning my skin literally started to crawl on my back.

Apologies. And I think it’s pretty obvious I just wanted to get through todays’ writeup as fast I fucking could to put this behind me.

The only thing released today I’m interested in buying is the frilly blouse & skirt, and I almost missed listing it! (It didn’t show up in my cart, noticed it on the promo page.)

I hope you have a good day.

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Thanks for writing it, despite it giving you the heebie jeebies.