Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 13, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 13, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace.

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Dharma is a NYEF, but she’s equipped with both male and female genitals and fibermesh brows in addition to PBR & Iray shaders.

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Save yourself the money and just dial-in the head and body morphs you already have in your Library.

Cheesy Dieselpunk retro sci-fi spacesuit for G8F.

Groove is in your heart when your Genesis 8 female characters wear this sleek and stylish long-sleeve mini dress with dForce.

Morphing t-shirt, blouse and jeans give you several distinct styles for each that you can mix & match to give your character a unique look.

Do women still wear dresses this short in offices? This dress just seems like it’s from another time or a parallel universe.

Highly detailed saxophone comes in 10 colors and includes poses for G8.

What a peculiar set.

Another unfinished art-school project. What a hot mess.

Low-res plants won’t consume all your resources and make great scene fillers.

Nice collection of props from the 1970s. Ignore that 3.5" floppy though. We didn’t have those in the 1970s.

Huge assortment of household and bathroom props to dress your scenes and make them look “alive”.

Set of 4 alternate materials for the Stellar Spacesuit.

Set of 38 alternate materials for the Flower Power Outfit.

40+ one-click expression presets and morph dials for Genesis 8.1 female characters.

Set of sci-fi interacting poses for G8M, G8F, and G8.1M.

Final Thoughts

  • Jesus Christ what a day.
  • Dharma. Another young, white, chick. Enough with the young, white, chicks.
  • Save your money on the alternative shapes. Just dial-in other characters that you have.
  • That spacesuit is cheesy.
  • The Flower Power outfit isn’t half-bad. Wish the hem could be longer.
  • I like the casual wear.
  • I go to (at least I did before COVID) a LOT of offices and I ain’t never seen any woman wear a skirt that short in any of the offices I go to.
  • That sax is cool.
  • What the hell is up with those two “building” / interior “environments”? Pallete & Parisian Hotel. Nope. No thanks.
  • The wetlands are going to be useful.
  • Those 70s props are sweet.
  • Those bathroom props are nice.
  • I don’t really do “texture packs” for garments.
  • Those expressions look good, but more damn morph dials damnit!
  • And I don’t have any of those figures for that Artifact Pose Pack.

Ever wish you could just crawl back in bed and forget about an entire day?

That’s kind of how I feel about today.

This was the day from hell so my sincere apologies for it literally taking me all day to put this together. LOL!

A standard day at DAZ. I do think Dharma is giving me a Daphne from scoobie doo vibe.

Well now i feel bad after seeing your comment, the hem on the Flower Power outfit can go longer (not sure if its long enough for your tastes) but i completely forgot to do a promo showing the length -.- I blame baby brain lol

:hugs: It’s ok! I didn’t mean any offense. Turns out I actually did buy the dress though. Haven’t used it yet. But it’s good to know that the hem can be lowered. Would at least help eliminate some of the sexual harassment complaints.

No offense taken at all! I enjoy feedback on sets to increase usability, and ironically a longer hem is something we included and didnt show off lol.