Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 8, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 8, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace.

Today’s Promo:

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Lukas is a remake of the original Lukas for G3M released back in 2017, updated for Genesis 8.1M with PBR skin and genital maps.

A successor to The Brute? He just might fit the part. But will somebody please get this guy an endocrinologist?

Fantasy hair for G8M with a ponytail has plastic looking textures and stiff strands of hair. I do like the shaved sides though.

This Victorian-era men’s suit doesn’t have dforce, but it does have more options and props than you can shake a stick at!

Finally, some normal fucking clothes for our guys.

This fantastical male outfit, props, and pose set has an appeal smaller than Donald Trump’s heart, but it does come with dForce.

This add-on pack for UltraScenery adds spring flowers and tree blossoms to your scenes.

If you’re going to render Tomb Raider then you need a tomb for your big-breasted female grave robber to raid.

Alternate materials for the Victorian Gentleman’s Evening Dress outfit.

A set of 210 expression morph dials for your Genesis 8.1 men and ladies (420 total).

Nice collection of 72 retro/ 1970s fabric shaders that is also a merchant resource.

Well that’s it for today. Sorry it’s taken me all day to get this posted but life sometimes takes precedence.

Do you guys prefer I keep updating this in a sort-of “draft mode” or would you rather I wait until everything is ready?

Who would’ve thought mother’s day weekend would bring a slew of male items?

I am going to buy the Kahuna outfit. I’ve discovered after auditing my runtime, that I mostly use contemporary daily wear for the men, and this fits the bill as ordinary stuff my dudes would wear.

The death Strike suit and hair. When I checked it out, the horns have an odd… Intestinal look. In fact I had to look to make sure those weren’t intestines floating around in the promos. The Death Strike hair I might’ve bought, but the hairline is decidedly female-presenting. So much effort was put into the styling but to not include a masculine hairline seems odd.

The Victorian Gentlement looks a bit too steampunk and comical rather than… dashing. I may get it on deeper sale, but I don’t like the coat and hat. Its more carnival barker/ringleader looking than elegant. To me.

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I know I was a little confused and surprised.

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