My dForce "eureka" moment

I just posted this to Facebook but thought I’d share here. I still feel like an idiot for only just now realizing this so hopefully this saves someone else the aggravation I’ve been going through these past few years. :slight_smile:

I just had a eureka moment with dforce this afternoon that has got me rethinking everything I thought I knew up until now and holy crap I was able to achieve an effect I have been struggling with every since dforce was first release. But frankly it’s so simple and obvious that I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I’m too embarrassed to tell you exactly what I just suddenly realized but let me just say this:

Fabric in DAZ Studio is too stiff. Which shouldn’t be all that surprising. DAZ’s defaults for just about everything rarely make sense.

Go into the Surfaces tab and lower the fucking values for those surfaces that make sense to give your clothing a more natural draping on your models. Reduce the Stiffness values. Double the collision offset and reduce the fuck out of the Friction!

Then… use the Pancake Menu and go into the dForce Surface Adjuster and bump up those “Silkier” and “Stretch” values.

Bottom line, dForce fabrics by default have WAY TOO MUCH STARCH. 🙂

Then do a simulation.

Add Fit Control morphs to your garments (or do it before but don’t make any adjustments until you’ve done your first simulation).

Then use Fit Control to gently move the fabric if there’s any poke-thru, and simulate again.

What you end up with next is such a f*cking naturally looking draping of fabric if you’re like me you’re shed a tiny crocodile tear at what you’ve just created.


F*ck me, why didn’t I try this crap before. LOL.

Good tip! Never assume anything is obvious :wink:

It wouldn’t be so bad if DAZ actually had some documentation but there’s so many options and parameters that are tucked away and deeply hidden that it’s understandable.

Good advice. But always check to see that someone hasn’t attached a ridiculous weight map that is completely restricting the natural flow of a garment… I see this far too often. They use it as a fix all… basically stop it from moving except for small areas. This is NOT a fix. This does not correct your inability to set workable parameters on something. QC is pathetic.