My favorite models

Well, I tend to only render guys and if I have female characters in my scenes they are usually secondary figures or are there really to support the male character and whatever he’s doing.

So for me there are a few vendors that really stand out for me.

First is pretty much anything by Marcius. That is, if I have money left over in the budget to get them. He is a phenomenal artist and you can really tell he takes his time sculpting and pours a lot of passion and care into his figures. I own just about every Marcius figure (male and female).

Second is anything released by SithlordSims. Another artist that takes great pride and care in what they produce. I own every single SithlordSims character and will not hesitate to snatch up any new one’s that get released.

I’m also quote fond of LexaKiness. If you’re into vampires she’s got a decent selection (more women than men though). But her characters are quite nice.

Back over at DAZ, I’m also a huge fan of anything from Faber, Inc.. Another artist that takes great pride and passion in their work. I own just about everything from Faber.

Those are my favorites, but certainly not the only one’s I use. I’ll tend to buy up anything male related even if it’s crap (within reason) to show support for the PAs and hopefully convince others that there really is a market for male figures and characters. There are a few vendors though that I avoid at all cost but I’m not going to list them here because what I don’t like about their products you may actually like.

Lord knows we have enough plastic bimbos being released as it is so we need as many men as we can find.

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Thats Great. Thanks for the links, will definetly add a few to my wish list :slight_smile:

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