New Blender Goodies That Caught My Eye

Took a peek at some of the new products over at Blender Market this evening and the following items caught my eye…

Set of what looks like some awesome camera rigs and setups including bokeh and other effects. And, at $7.00 it’s pretty freakin’ affordable!

Tool to quickly generate quads while retopo’ing your models. $15. Wishlisted. :slight_smile: I’m trying to get better at modeling.

Looks like a useful collection of interface, modeling, and other tools. Do you need this? Of course not. But this may be useful. $10.

An underground car garage environment. If you’re showcasing a car that you’ve modeled this looks like it’ll be perfect! $12 for non-commercial renders, $24 for commercial renders.

Coffee shop interior and exterior set/ environment. Highly detailed, and at only $14 I snatched this puppy up! One can never have enough sets for their renders. LOL!

An empty art gallery/ showroom interior set/ environment. It’s $4! And the perfect environment for showcasing figures and models.

An add-on for adding details to surfaces such as emissives, and even paint and video are promised in future releases. $18.

A blend file with a kitbash ready set of “revolution”, “uprising”, or “civil unrest” props and accessories for your scene. $20. Not low-poly and looks intense af!

Because you can never have enough sets for your models, this is a highly detailed interior coffee shop environment. $18.

An add-on for creating an unlimited amount of interiors for houses! $16. Very, very useful. Wishlisted for sure!

A collection of 80 detailed car models for your scene. At $180 it’s by far the most expensive thing I’m listing here today but then again that’s only $2.25 per car so… Yeah, this is definitely wishlisted. I think this will have to wait for a store-wide sale. LOL!