Not sure what all the fuss is about L'Homme

Here is a quickie using the L’Homme genitals. It’s not a bad prop once you get to know it a little more. Some morphs are in the Body but most are in the Shaft for moving it around and making it bigger. I added in my own morph via ZBrush and the Morphing tool from within Poser. I think it looks formidable! I don’t do nudes but my Gino for L’Homme will include this morph and the maps (which I still have some work to do on.

Enjoy the bonner! LMAO

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Hi Rich. I moved this post over to #showcase:risque-men. Hope you don’t mind!

I dunno. There’s just something that looks off about it. Maybe it will look better on your new Gino character. Can’t wait to see him once he’s released! <3

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I was trying to find the link in the drop down to point the post too but couldn’t find it!

There’s a search box at the top. (I had to use it myself!) When I typed in “risq…” it popped up pretty quickly. :slight_smile:

I think it is the root. I have never seen a penis that is that thin at the root, it makes it look … inflatable (but other that that, it sure is a fine one)

I’ve definitely seen some twinks with a root that … diminutive. But we’re talking about 18 or 19 y/o boy toys. Not typically what I’m attracted to though. Maybe that’s part of the issue though. The cock doesn’t match the body? (Most DAZ cocks don’t match the body so why am not I surprised that Bondware is carrying on the same tradition.) :slight_smile:

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But it cannot be so hard to understand that we want realistic stuff, right?

The same can be said for outfits


Well the hilarious thing about male genitals, a good amount of the time, esp males of color their genitals do NOT match the rest of the skin, often times they are a little darker or even ALLOT darker.

The only thing that really bothers me about gens are the missing pubic hair. There are so many options these days for creating natural looking curly hair props that I don’t understand why this isn’t a thing yet!

I created a really nice set of curly pubs for Genesis 8 Male and my Gino for him and it really helps add a bit more naturalness to the whole look unless your one of those types that hates hair down there. To me it’s what nature gave me so if I were to see no hair there I would think something was wrong! LOL

Honestly, the penis isn’t the most attractive thing and to me hairiness there helps make it better plus for humans that like the “Scent of a man” pubic hair actually traps that scent so there’s that.