Once again My Disappointment is Immeasurable and My Day is Ruined over a DAZ3D Product


If you think about buying this product, just don’t. It’s a low effort, low quality scam product.

Why. I wanted to (re)create Na’vi characters in DAZ3D and saw Ozias HD* (HD my ASS) in the daz shop. The promo renders looked decent enough. I didn’t need the character itself, but its texture maps. With a little bit of work on the textures, so i thought, i could make pretty decent blue skinned aliens. I even commissioned a Zbrush artist to paint the na’vi stripes for me, which i intended to combine with the ozias maps.

And then after getting the product, I opened the texture maps in PS, and Oh My God, they are so jarringly bad, that It’s an insult. jpeg compression artifacts!?! !!! on a product that has HD in the title… The texture itself is a senseless patchwork of texture overlays, obviously from different daz products. Was the creator trying to avoid any license issues by stealing from multiple sources and randomly putting them into one? I don’t know… I feel scammed. I would feel scammed even If I pirated this product. Lol.

Too bad one cannot rate a product and write a review in the DAZ shop.

Am i allowed to post a sample texture here? In case you want proof.

That’s it.

I wouldn’t post the raw texture, that could be seen as infringing on the creators’ copyright, but certainly if you posted a marked-up version where you’ve drawn on the texture and pointed out/ called-out the flawed areas or other areas of concerned that would be fine.

you can and should return it within 30 days and say why

Well, yeah.

I think, even a layman could tell that something isn’t right with this texture. If you bring the camera closer to the characters head in a render this becomes very obvious, irritating and ugly.

This is supposed to be the diffuse map. and yet it has very bright/dark spots. They don’t know what they are doing. And there’s nothing more annoying (to me) than incompetence.

For comparison, the textures for Graciana by Sangriart on Renderosity are possible the best I’ve seen for a daz product - for nearly just half the price. I’ll just use them and color them blue lol.