Porting DAZ3d character with morphs to Unity via Blender

I would like to share a simple method to transfer morphs to Unity that involves a lot of work. I presenting with Genesis 8 female and the New Genitalia for Victoria 8 this method. Let’s import the same character twice into blender:

  1. Diffiemorphic (.dbz)
  2. DazToBlender bridge. Import the custom morphs for newgenV8. Transfer morphs from diffiemorphic character genital to DazToBlender character genital. Then delete the diffiemorphic G8F character. Since there is some glitch occurring in the morphs and genital shapes after their transfer, they need to be corrected. After we fixed the glitches select and delete unnecessary faces/vertices from Genesis8Female.Shape. Merging Geometry Shell 3.Shape and new_gens_V8_1840.Shape. Let’s export to FBX and load to Unity. Important: In the export settings, uncheck the Apply Modifiers checkbox otherwise, the blendshapes will not appear in unity.

The steps described above can be viewed in the video.