Question About the Website

If you have any question about the new marketplace, feel free ask here!

Some FAQ:

- Is it only DAZ marketplace?

  • Yes

- Is it legit?

  • Yes, we are very careful accept our vendors, and take care of quality items. Our items are legal, with the right license.We have Extended / Standard / Editorial Licenses.

- How much is the vendor part of the sold item?

  • Unlike other sites, the sale’s biggest part goes to the vendor here, the vendor keeps 70%, site commission is 30%.

- Do you demand exclusivity?

  • No, we don’t want to bond you, however, why would you bring elsewhere your items, when here get your biggest percentage, here have the best support, and are the most flexible? :slight_smile:

- Can I join as vendor?

  • The joining phase is closed, however, feel free to send your items via the Contact form, or email us, and anything can happen. If you have quality and unique items, we sure will not say no.