Refund request for Render Suite Pro


I already requested a refund earlier via email, but have not received a response. Here is what I wrote:

I just purchased Render Suite Pro and sadly some of the core functionality seems to be broken. My main complaints are:

* Orbit Camera does not orbit

* Undo does not work correctly

Lesser problems that can be avoided:

* Restoring the Camera can crash DAZ (hard to reproduce actually, but happened to me)

* Restoring Camera sets frame width etc. to NaN (under some circumstances)

Is it possible to get a refund for this?

My email on gumroad is: [email protected]

I purchased via Paypal on September 24th

I sent this to you on the same day I bought Render Suite Pro. Is my email being classified as spam?

Hi, your email went to spam. I just saw it. Thanks for telling. Please check your email again, I will reply there :slight_smile:

We’ve made the refund just now.